Monday Funday

Last night I retired to my bed by 9ish? pm and chatted on the phone with Killer until 11pm. Miraculously I fell asleep once again before midnight! I think last week I was keeping Killer up late...as in 3-4am as I worked away on the computer and this week I've started sleeping the same time as Killer which is usually before midnight and his way is mucho better. This morning I was well rested at 7am (NEVER EVER EVER HAPPENS) and woke up without pressing snooze. I was all set and dressed and made up and ready for work and then my mom tells me "I asked my boss if I could start later so that our carpool schedule works out better." Usually I would have responded with a grumpy "djshfksdgfhjdf I coulda slept in for an additional half an hour!!!" but this morning I didn't need it!

On Sunday (yesterday ) I went to the crepe cafe and...


I spent an entire Saturday a few weeks ago going with the co-owners to Ace, Lowe's, and Home Depot pouring and discussing and arguing over different paint colors and they ended up changing it last minute. Whatever, I've got to make it work now. The owner is funny, she keeps calling the owner of Bicycle Garage to do manly things for us that us women wouldn't care to do...like installing lights, moving heavy things....I think he's getting annoyed but he did come to my house once for drinks with my dad so it evens out I guess. The new co-owner is waaay superstitious and it's beginning to annoy me. No red. No blue. Feng Shui, no black, on and on....and then I saw her open an umbrella in the restaurant. Stupid.

Next weekend I have to freaking march in the freaking Chinese New Year Parade in SF and...

1.) I HATE PARADES. I had to do the Union City 50th Anniversary one and I hated that shit.
2.) It's going to be freaking cold. Very much unlike Union City's parade which was freaking hot.
3.) I'm not Chinese
4.) I don't want to dress up.
5.) I don't like smiling and waving at people.

I already requested that I not wear a dress or anything itchy; I almost begged to be a "villager" because they get to wear cotton, nothing sparkly or tight or loaded with jewelry. I was taken by surprise when the coordinator told me Killer could come (as a bonus) when I didn't respond to her first text. It made me sad because it's not easy to just INVITE Killer anywhere since he lives in Irvine. I complained to Killer about this and everything else and he decided to come up NOT because I was a complaining baby, but because I told him I'd have to take BART back by myself at night since everyone will be going to some place for drinks and an afterparty and I'm the only underage baby.

I thought I cut my finger on glass from a picture frame this morning but I ignored it. Now that I've looked at it and saw the blood from the cut that actually did happen...my finger hurts.

Time to work. <5!

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