Let Me Drive (last week's adventure)

January 27 - 30

So I had such a fantastical couple of days spent with Killer, so fantastical that I forgot that the weekend just started. I've actually lost all sense of time now that I'm out of school.

I had a really messed up sleeping schedule so on Wednesday I was up and out of bed at 7am and ready to pick up Killer from San Francisco Int'l. His flight was supposed to arrive at 10-something am but was delayed. He finally landed at 12pm and of course he lost his way around the airport. Noob. I was waiting for him on the Arrival level where there is the "Waiting Lobby", "Baggage Claim", and "Parking Garage" but Killer managed to stay on the Departure level where people "Check-In", go through "Security", and head to the "Gates". Anyways, I take the escalator up one floor and find him outside standing just a few feet off of where I was waiting for him except on the lower level, like, directly below him and he's got a bouquet of peonies, my favoritest flower in the world, for me =)

He went through a lot of trouble to get them for me (they're totally NOT in season) and they were like, $12 a flower. As in $12 for each bloom! He's stupid, but I love him. Nothing was Apparently he got a lot of attention from the ladies on his flight from Santa Ana to San Francisco 'bout the flowers. I'm a lucky gal. =P We head home and spend most of the day doing wonderful nothings on the couch before heading out to a weird hot pot dinner with my mom and her friend at some Asian restaurant at Pacific Commons. I kinda introduced Killer to quail eggs, which he ended up liking, so score. =) I find that I generally like the things he's introduced to me (because he's 'right' about everything) and it's a gem when I introduce him to something that he ends up liking.

Thursday, we wake up early and catch the Early Bird screening of Legion (because we're HUGE Chaucer-from-A-Knight's-Tale fans) and luckily we got those $6.25 tickets because the movie was pretty awful. Killer was really ticked off by the way the characters handled their guns, of course. Overall it was just SUPER strange and awful but I really enjoyed Paul Bettany and his fabulous accent. Killer and I also splurged on super nachos and a bucket of soda. We cleared about 3/4ths of the nachos and like, 1/5th of the soda. My hunger clouds my judgment. Too much food. After the movie we hang out at home some more, visit my dentist, then head to City Bistro for dinner and Paddy's so I can catch up on work while Killer worked on his movie review.

Btw, the shopping website decided to keep me (YAY!) and the budget, because it's a start-up, is always fluctuating. My job will be on-call so yet again this leaves me sometimes poor and with room to still find a full-time job. Paired with my pathetic sub-clerk job with the District which, by the way, asked me to work a measly TWO days in APRIL and NOVEMBER, makes me feel like I'm freelancing. And it sucks because I'm not freelancing in an industry where my skills and experiences can get passed by word of mouth. Just two businesses that are keeping me around to work according to their budgets.

Friday, Killer accompanies me to the orthodontist, which was a bitch because the assholes took FOREVER and from that point on, my symptoms of PMS began to boil. One ortho changed my bands and then I waited for 15+ minutes for the head honcho ortho to double-check and clear me. I was pissed. Sometimes the place is quick with their business but mostly not. Once that shit was done Killer and I get gas and a nutritious brunch of hot dogs, bbq sandwiches, and a blue icy before our drive to Roseville for a grand total of $3.82. I was pissy and had to switch out of the driver's seat and he laughed. We got to relax for a couple of hours before dinner at Claim Jumpers with his parents. Then I drove home, and I was pissy again, but I didn't give up my seat because I feel awful every time Killer drives to and from Irvine.

Saturday...I think we just woke up late and had a light lunch with my family in the backyard. I remember that the weather and the sunlight was pretty glorious and my family, included Killer donned sunglasses instead of opening the damn umbrella. And INCONVENIENTLY (for me), my dad had to leave for work around the same time Killer needed to head to the airport for his flight so our goodbyes happened at my front door and not at the terminal like I had hoped. Killer snuck me $20 in my jean's pocket the day before since I payed for his $17 birth certificate in downtown Sacramento since both our debit cards didn't work (I think I already misplaced the cash) but I intended to spend that $20 to pay for parking so I could hang out with him at the airport.

Aaaand, that's that. I think to any other reader this sounds like a bunch of bull but I don't get to see my person often. So shut up.


She Keeps Her Pot With Her Tampons?!

I'm bored and I really miss Killer and I'm bored of my online work so here are a couple random thoughts and complaints of today before I do a post of my epic Wednesday through Today.

1.) I HATE Walmart. I hate how it's as busy as zoo, their generic, mass produced products of super low quality, the fat, ugly, poorly dressed people that shop there, the people that drive like assholes in the parking lot.

2.) Indians are awful drivers. Yes, you can group all the Asians together and call them all bad drivers but I can single out Indians as the worst. I swear they hook each other up at DMV because somehow at every DMV all the people working the counters are Indian.

3.) My sister thinks she's a giant or something large and not capable of being able to sit in the backseat of the Civic. You're fucking 5'4''. Get over yourself.

4.) I eat strange food. I hate bacon and pork in general but one thing I really like is pâté. It's about as strange and ugly and mysterious as the ingredients of Spam or Vienna Sausage and I just really think it tastes good. Strangely enough, pâté fits under the description of "fine European cuisine".

5.) I didn't know about the side, overlap flap thingy in mens underwear. Throughout my 2 years at fashion school I always thought that it was just an asymmetrical design. Nope, it's obviously for their peepee's, but still, pajama pants have mock fly fronts.

6.) I'm a loser. I'm broke and my boyfriend left for Irvine and I'm not drinking until I turn 21. I don't care to waste my precious gas to hang out with people I don't care too much about and hanging out with the people here usually involves drinking.


because she was hungry

The past couple of days have been really lame, yet wonderful!, as I've lounged around the house doing "nothing" while the rain and other wintry allergens get tossed and tumbled by the howling wind. Yes, howling.

"Nothing" means looking for work, not adding to my movie collection (because everything I want to watch MUST be done with Killer. Not out of obligation but pure want), staying up late, waking up later, a little drawing, no sewing...basically every characteristic of a lazy and unemployed person.

My sorta job through the '.com' website, the shopping referral start-up, hired me then a few days later announced that because of budget cuts they had to cut 7 out of 10 "Fashion Researchers". Initially what I thought was a chill, relaxed, outgoing office coulda been (most likely) just the thin outer layer of a badly organized and frantic...start-up. The work was really boring and long and required about 2% of brain usage. The lady that hired me was supposed to email or give me a call to see if the company would keep me (doubt it, seeing as I vacationed in Hawaii the weekend I was hired and hardly did any work) but she hasn't contacted me yet. Our paychecks are handled like invoices which means filling in your own hours and billing the company for your work so I wonder if, due to their unorganized CFO, I'll even be receiving one. I'm really interested in waiting to see if I could for once be right about something, in this case their relaxed/unorganized facade, and whether or not I'll actually get my paycheck at the end of the month I'll give the lady a call and talk to her about a more fashion related job.

Finding work here is hard. It's hard finding things I qualify for without giving up my dignity for a retail job LOL. But it's true. It's not fair for anyone to just be part of the working machine (because nowadays that's our only mean of income) if we want to do something that gives us meaning.

I feel this way about Killer. I know he feels pressured by me (weird) to do something impressive but it's because I put him on a pedestal. He's a MARINE. Marines have gone to boot camp; they come out completely changed. They are strong, intelligent, reliable, they are completely aware of their surroundings, they're not dumbos only capable of shooting bullets and it pains me that the only part-time job opportunity Killer can find (apart from his current application process for the LAPD, which I'm sure he'll ROCK) is sometimes the same as a high school kid. Killer deserves so much more. I don't like how society treats the men and women in our armed forces. They get treated as if shooting a bullet at a target and doing 20 pull-ups is all they're capable of doing and that it's mindless, mechanical work. It's so much more than that, it's about being tactical, consistent, mindful, honorable, very, very honorable, reliable...especially for Marines, cuz they're the bestest :P.

In my own field I deserve more but there's just nothing out there right now. And of course, both Killer and I are very capable but not on paper. I NEED something creative. It's sorta impossible to find a fashion job in SF so I've also been looking for clerical. I read about how women and now the bread-makers for the family as opposed to the husbands and although I've been seeing loads of job opportunities on Craigslist, I can understand that nobody wants to apply for a job they over-qualify for. Most men still hold the small number of higher positions like CPO, CFO, CEO and make more money than women so when they get laid off its hard to find another job of the same qualification level. However, from what I've seen and experienced at the school district, the department heads (mostly men) keep their jobs while the secretaries and office techs (aaall women, like me) have been hit the hardest. In my department, two of us were cut which left my coworker to support SIX department heads as opposed to two or three. Where do all the jobs go?!?!

Apart from sitting at home and wondering where my job went, I've been dreaming about all the things I want to do. It gives me a goal to work for. Moving to LA, finally getting a design-related job, moving in with Killer, going on vacations...I've also been looking at wedding stuff because I'm GOING to be planning Killer's cousin's wedding. Killer says I most likely won't but I say I mostly likely AM. I've been looking at venues and color palettes, DIY details and other budget-friendly ideas. His cousin and fiance are both about to start grad school so once I present my budget-friendly-but-not-tacky-also-non-Asian and DIY ideas the wedding should be mine :) I also found some venues that I'd like for my own future wedding that are unique and cheap so whatever venue I'm not set on having for myself I'll pass down the info to Killer's cousin. Killer said I'd give away all my good ideas which is so not true. I'd give his cousin something wonderful and unique and work with the couple to present them something that represents their relationship without sacrificing me and Killer's secret schemes. Muahahahaha. :P

Killer said about our wedding not happening 'til waaaay later "which makes us crazy, not stupid". We've got so many great and unconventional ideas paired with the beautiful ones and loads of other details already planned that I know in the future we're going to have to make some sacrifices in the future so our wedding doesn't look like a rainbow vomited on our celebration. I'm excited. Very excited because every detail is going to be something WE shared an idea about. Nothing half-assed, nothing generic. It's all "us". We're not having one of those weddings where the cake and table decorations are pink because it was what the bride wanted. I'm kinda scared to share anything now because we have such GREAT ideas. Maybe in a couple of years when we actually start planning the thing I'll document and share it all with those who are interested. So for now...top secret!

Another part of my whole unemployment thing is me having an awful sleep schedule. Regretfully, I dragged Killer into it "Pleeease! Play with me!" (Sorry). I spend aaaaall day doing a mix of boring nothings and things I enjoy from home (no $ to spend outside!) That I just let it drag on and on into the early hours.

Today I've got a meeting with two of my mom's friends to help with the design of their crêperie which will be remodeled into a Thai/French fusion restaurant. Both ladies had a general concept of what they wanted. As in very general. As in they had no concept or idea. As in "Modern", "No red or blue", "Lots of gold", "Something you've never seen in a restaurant before" and "Vintage" so I'm going to really rock this. I'm going to "tell them what they want" (hehe, Killer). I'm going to have trouble doing the modern thing because I love vintage and its history so I want to pitch two ideas:

*I'm very set on purple. They want classy. Classy is red. Or black. Lady #2 is superstitious so neither. It's purple. Purple is regal. Purple is the greatest.

**The ladies are getting a brick wallpaper? Or something? I couldn't grasp the concept and they couldn't explain it.

1.) Vintage with strange quirks
2.) Vintage and charming

Vintage with strange quirks: For this theme we have modern furniture. Walls are either brick or purple. I envisioned a wall with a scattered arrangment of gold rococo picture frames but the pictures inside are all black and white cameo silhouettes or anything for people to mooses(?), Sherlock Holmes, babies, usual customers, whatever. The lighting will be all modern/Ikea spot lighting. I was edging towards an industrial look but it kept pulling me back to Steampunk, which for its time was all about modern mechaniques (that word is underlined in red but it's prettier that way) but overall looks vintage. I've got to work on this. I don't really know how to do modern. I just want red and black so bad. So. Bad.

Vintage and charming: Majority of the cafe's customers are old white people. It's Fremont. And now, EVERYTHING I described to my mom...she agreed with! She even had ideas that I agreed with! The cafe's rival crêperie has an aaall-modern look. So why don't we go with vintage charm for our place? Antique birdcages from the ceilings, moose antlers painted in black lacquer or gold. Same with the rococo picture frames with an assortments of clocks and mirrors on the wall. a mix brass candlestick holders on the tables to golden lotus candle holders, a chiffon curtain draped from the ceiling (will have to check with fire marshall because it'd be cool to have it around the whole restaurant, for now it'll separate the couch area), mismatched chairs, Asian paper lanterns, trinkets and odds and ends everywhere. The idea here is to create a world that looks like the home of a traveler. It is old, it is lived-in. Everything is collected, everything comes from somewhere. Nothing is purchased from a mass production manufacturer. In this case, the traveler has been from Thailand to France.

SEE! I'm so torn! Because I can go on and on about option 2 but I know option 1 is what the ladies want! And my design philosophy is to enhance what you already have, not to completely change what is given. I dunno. But now it's 9:57 am and I was supposed to be there at 10am. Let's rock.




I love you more and more each day.



On the news you pretty much only hear about the U.S.'s efforts in Haiti, sometimes Canada, France and Britain...any of the major countries.

Here's the list of ALL countries, organizations, etc lending a hand including $$$ in US dollars, services and supplies.

1.) U.S. - $100 million, ships, helicopters, transport planes, 2,000 Marines
2.) Canada - $4.8 million, matching individual Canadians' contributions up to $47 million, 2 navy ships, helicopters, transport planes, disaster response team
3.) The World Bank - $100 million
4.) United Nations - $10 million
5.) Britain - $10 million, four-person gov't assessment team, 71 rescue specialists, search dogs, heavy equipment
6.) Austrailia - $9.3 million
7.) Norway - $5.3 million
8.) Japan - $5 million
9.) Italy - $1.46 million
10.) European Commission - $4.37 million
11.) Netherlands and Italian bishops' conference - $2.46 million
12.) Denmark - $1.9 million
13.) Finland - $1.8 million
14.) South Korea - $1 million
15.) Digicel, Irish telecommunications co - $5 million to repair phone network
16.) Spain - $4.37 million, rescue teams, 100 tons of equipment
17.) Germany - $2.17 million, immediate response team
18.) India - $1 million
19.) China - $1 million, 60-member relief team, search dogs
20.) Sweden - $850,00, tents, water purification equipment, medical aid, team to rebuild U.N.'s headquarters
21.) Venezuela - doctors, firefighters, rescue workers
22.) Mexico - doctors, search-and-rescue dogs, infrastructure experts
23.) France - 400 staff from public security authority, ship with 2 surgical operating units, 50 beds for injured, earth moving equipment
24.) Iceland - 30+ rescue workers
25.) Portugal - 30+ rescue workers
26.) Taiwan - 23 rescue workers, 2 tons of aid and equipment
27.) Israel - opening field hospital, 220 rescue workers
28.) Switzerland - rescue team, 40-50 tons of aid goods


Marine by Urban Dictionary

I was on Skype with Killer and I was looking up...something, I don't remember...but what I do remember was that on my Google search page there was a link for "Marine" on Urban Dictionary that popped up so of course I had to click it out of curiosity.

Here are a few of my favorite definitions.

1.) Marine: "No better friend, no worse enemy."
The Marine kindly shook a child's hand in the morning and kicked major insurgent ass at night.

2.) Marine: "...The finest fighting machine the world has ever seen. We were born in a bomb crater, our Mother was an M-16, and our Father was the Devil...I am cocky, self-centered, overbearing, and do not know the meaning of fear, for I am fear itself. I am a green amphibious monster, made of blood and guts, who arose from the sea, feasting on anti-Americans throughout the globe...We stole the eagle from the Air Force, the anchor from the Navy, and the rope from the Army. On the 7th day, while God rested, we over-ran his perimeter and stole the globe, and we've been running the show ever since. We live like soldiers and talk like sailors and slap the Hell out of both of them. Soldier by day, lover by night, drunkard by choice,

3.) Marine
: "A Person who can salute the American flag after haveing both legs blown off for it...A Person who no longer can be called a person but rather a Leather-Neck, a TWC (Terrorist Welcoming Commitee), or Devil-Dog."
Army:"One Marine just took out 27 insurgents by himself after losing both legs and 3 fingers!"

4.) Marine: "The Men's Department of the Navy"
Marines are a department of the Navy. Yes the Men's Dept.

5.) Marine
: "The best damn fighting force in the world."
Army soldier: Sarge, what are we goin' to do there's hundreds of enemy soldiers closing on our position.
Army sarge: Don't worry the Marines are on the way to help.

6.) Marine: "The first to war for one reason, they are the best."
Soldier 1: What happened here?! It looks like a RPG killed all 500 of these Iraqis.
Soldier 2: No, 3 Marines just went through 'bout 20 minutes ago.

7.) Marine: "Savages on the battlefield and in the bed"

8.) Marine: "Better than Chuck Norris"
a.) The Marine helped the child on his way to get water from the well and bring it back to the village, while he shot thirty seven terrorists in the face with an assault rifle made of sand.

b.) Chuck Norris stared evil in the face, and it backed down. A Marine stared evil in the face, but before it could move, he ripped off its balls, and shoved it in fear's mouth and decapitated it using his hands.

9.) Marine: "The only people who get the job done right."
A Sailor (Navy) and a Marine walk into the toilets in a pub. They both start urinating the stalls. When finished the Marine heads straight for the door, without stopping at the sink first. The Sailor, disgusted, calls out "Hey mate, in the Navy they teach us to wash our hands after we piss!!", to which the Marine replies "Really? In the Marine Corps, They teach us not to piss on our hands.

10.) Marine: "When you absolutely, positively need something blown up before noon, this is your team."
They only have 2 jobs to do:
a.) Take the land from our enemies
b.) Kill anybody who try to stop them from doing job #1.


Have a Mai Tai for Me.

Hawaii is ok.

I guess I've become one of those really boring people. I could have fun sitting on the floor doing nothing just as long as Killer was sitting next to me.

I've been to Hawaii plenty of times. Yes, I need to be more appreciative but I want to see more of the world. I'm afraid of skin damage and I don't like wearing sandals and I hate crowded touristy capitals. I like swimming in the deep blue sea and not at the shore (parents don't want to do the pricey snorkeling excursion).

We're going horseback riding tomorrow so I hope it turns out to be as fun as the last time I went riding. If they don't let us run I'll be mad.

On the airplane ride from San Francisco to Kona, I drew my dream wedding dress. I was sure I wasn't going to get married myself, but my stupid boyfriend made me change my mind. :P I wasn't planning on sketching it...I just had my sketchbook out and it happened. The design may change, but as of now I'm actually quite pleased. It's going to be purple and hopefully the same shade as the dress on the bottom row, second from the right. I want the design to be unique and not completely relying on the color for its difference. Right now it's something I know I'll feel "pretty" in, but I'm also looking for something that'll make me feel look and feel like a bombshell-goddess from another planet. And I know that no seamstress could ever whip up anything that'll make me happy so I'm designing according to my personal sewing capabilities. So right now it's doable.

miss you. <5!


My Most Interesting Status Updates of 2009


happy new year drunken status update!

seems like street lights, glowing, happened to be just like moments, passing in front of me

just like Pluto was eliminated from our group of planets, the black licorice jelly bean flavor should be discontinued! Blech

le tired

it's freaking January and I have a bug bite on my ankle.

is eating funkaay chinese new year candy

Needs a bounty hunter


is making ciopinno with Mom! Devo andare adesso!

has to write a 3 pg essay on an artist that barely exists in history! He only has a small paragraph on Wiki! I am royally screwed.

is dammit grounghog!

I love Martha Stewart. She is all that in a bag of potato chips.

is watching The Darjeeling Limited with my full attention and no disruptions

Is not dunrk

Dad is working in singapore for only 4 hours. Doesn't excuse him from buying me a gift.

Working at the dreaded high school today

I cry when I'm angry and I think it's God's way of preventing me from going ape-shit ninja on people

Buying her happiness at yoswirl and thrifttown

is saving $$ for spring break in Paris <3 is soooo excited. I am dancing around the house! Paris stays in one spot. The LOTR symphony does not. There goes my paycheck!

Is going to starve at Logan bc the cafeteria don't take debit or credit :(

is watching The 5th Element. Milla Jovovich ftw!

my old homies in LA are working the Oscars while I'm helping my mom with audits in SF. Why am I here?

Too much homework, not enough sleep.

Mojito overload...the family lime tree is currently out of stock


is productive in all aspects of life except for homework.

Dozed off during an art lecture and now I can't even read my own notes

Getting froyo now, doing hw later.

I need to shower. My hair is on the verge of forming dreads, kinda cool, but mostly just dirty

i fail at homework

the sweatshop is closed. goodnight.

is missing 3 parts of the blouse she has to sew. I think Grandma and the garbage are involved.

Is going to Pennsylvania on Thursday with Boss

Has landed in Philly, must get cheesesteak...

heading to the Garden State to see my Italian family and enjoy an Italian feast :)

Causing a ruckus on Staten Island with my favorite Jersey Girl :)

Going wine tasting with my parents in Livermore...as designated driver...whomp whomp whomp :(

made blue velvet cupcakes; no boyfriend to share them with.


Is watching Ong Bak 2! Sorry Boss, I opened the mail.

ok, ong bak 2 is AWFUL. thank goodness i didn't invite anyone over to watch this...

hasn't packed for Paris yet....

is finally heading to the airport. A.) hope we catch a plane B.) hope its first class

is seated. Seat 1F babyyy! Au Revoir!

Probably going to drop my classes tomorrow because going to school on friday was a thing of high school.

is a zombie.

got 37 hrs. community service and for my right turn. The gangsters caught with weed got less hours than I did!

If the harvard law/berkeley engineering grad can't fix my macbook, then I'll know I'm not meant to own any sort of electronic thing.

i don't feel like doing homework. ever!

needs to scan some "scantily clad" models for my hw.

great. both my parents have facebook. fml

my mom hums the theme song to rob dyrdek's fantasy factory

sold that ancient mazda protege, got 700 back, and I still have to drive the ugly Juno van while sam gets the camry. fml

Creepy old filipino guy staring at me on bart! Happy friday!

I must be Magneto's love child or something. I ruined my Macbook, my dad's pc, my camera, my ipod, my bart tickets....

state required testing for certifications in the areas of child abuse, bloodborne pathogens, and sexual harrassment. i better get called into work after training!

5 more months and i will never go to school ever again.

reached my goal of $100 for CAL's Relay for Life! Thanks Uncle Lee, Mom, and Mama V! Go Team Michelle!

I've practiced buddhist meditation all my life and I still can't tolerate filipino time. sooooo slowwwww

me: "dad, people in SF are starting to wear masks...should I get one?" dad: "why don't you just test out your immune system?

Holy Canoly I reached $150! You still have until Saturday to donate if you wish, but THANKS EVERYONE! www.projectmichelle.com


just lost every picture, song, movie, essay...EVERYTHING on my macbook. FML. I should just buy a Pro.

just walked my first lap at Relay for Life! 24 more hours to go and thanks for your support and donations! Team Michelle!!!yee

relay for life is the coolest thing ever, food, makeovers, haircuts, more food, football..I made a touchdown, cramped both calves and now I can't walk the track

is writing a paper on Noam Chomsky but I keep writing "Chompsky"...I think I'm hungry.

this girl in the computer lab asked, "how do you say 'no' in spanish?"

my parents are going on a cruise to vancouver for TWO days. that doesn't excuse them from not getting me a gift.

pushed both buttons for the elevator. up: "stay, do hw til 8:30pm" down: "go home early at 4:30pm"...verdict: I have to stay and do hw. fml

Francis "justin, I'm not going to class tomorrow. tell the teacher I had a good time last night"

didn't finish my hw...whatever..."what's school? we've got lives to worry about" -far

i can look at garter belts on the computer at school and everyone will assume its for a hw assignment...ok no jokes it IS for a hw assignment

crap I need to get my butt home from my 3 to 6 class in SF so I can vote!!!!

just made a potent cup of coffee and I am going to photoshop and illustrate all night until my eyes bleed

is going to two epic concerts this year!!! Trailermusic LIVE June 27th in Santa Monica and LOTR Symphony October 10th in NYC!

you probably won't believe me but it's a bug bite on my neck from Franny's bday, not a hickey.

MAJOR props to Nung, aka Suwanna Vatananan, for doing a presentation to her entire school on behalf of Project Michelle! yee! What good have YOU done today? (I've only done hw, blah)

"what's for hw? do you know how to do this? are you doing that? do you get it? ok, cool, me too." (EVERY WEEK, SAME CONVERSATION, YAY FIDM!)

CONGRATS Noohnie!!!! JLHS Valedictorian! (did I spell that right? cuz I sure wasn't one) YEE!

me and nung are pirates!!!! arrrggggg


Dad - "That movie made me cry...Eight Pounds"

I hope I get sloshed this weekend


The Gas Fairy filled up my tank last night yee!

Great temple show, now....time to paaaartay!!!!

SoO sloshed

Asdh yuhj*rgk durnk!!!!!!

Yesterday there was a party. I think. -Number 2

I could be an advocate for water conservation. My car is pretty dirty and I haven't showered since Friday night.

Parked at Taco Bell next to a BMW, 2 other Lexuses, and a Porsche. Lesson: spend your $ on nice car = afford to eat crappy food.

Me and Nung guess that we've said "Cheers!" like....20 times since Saturday.

LA LA LA LA LA LA LA L.A. on Friday! I'm overexcited. EDC, Kellyfox, Mexican food, and Trailer Music LIVE! <3

I lived in LA for 9 months. I have no idea why I'm so excited to go back!

I love the heat! And smashing on le fiveee

I am in the center of the universe!!!! Everyone else have fun tomorrow :)!

Trailer Music LIVE in Santa Monica! Box seats baby!!!

So far heard live performances of trailer music from spiderman, hulk, wolverine, star trek, the duchess, and defiance!!!

Benjamin button, the changeling, indiana jones, transformers 2, iron man, winter olympics in torino!!!

Nikko gets mad at me for trying to watch transformers 2 online but refuses to pay for my movie ticket. Ummm thanks.

I had a nightmare about school as in not finishing my hw!!! What a relief it was to wake up and remember that it's my summer break! HAHA


My grandma is so down with the monks that they visit unannounced and thru the backyard! Barged in on me passed out on the living room floor!

But why is the rum gone?!

chambord vodka and cranberry juice!

Nungs driving me in the Sequoia. She's going 55 in a 35 zone. So help me God.

If you can save enough money up until next year, my 21st bday will be on the Jolly Roger, a pirate ship in Barbados.

Just went running for the first time in too long! Can't be fat AND single lol ;)

Make like Optimus Prime and be a HERO! PROJECT MICHELLE dot COM

If Francis Alex Ramos registered to be a LIFE SAVING bone marrow donor, then you should to. booo yaaahhh PROJECTMICHELLE.COM

Intern meeting for Macy's Passport Show tomorrow, yessssss

message from Lalimonster: "I'm home and ready to plaaaaay"

I ran right up to the bart doors, the conductor saw me, and he shut them and left. now I gotta wait 14 minutes. b!tch

Macy's Passport Internship interview at 11:30 am tomorrow! eeeeeks

I want to thank everyone who took the time to register and continued to spread the word of hope to others. We must continue to keep Michelle's legacy alive and fight cancer. I love you all, you're all heroes!!! www.projectmichelle.com


I hate computer patterndrafting and it hates me back.

is AN INTERN FOR MACY'S PASSPORT 2009!!!!!! YESSSSSS! omg, I just danced around my house hehe

uncle lee said "bill clinton went to nkorea, picked up two women, and hillary's happy about it!" yayayayaya

"There are 45 different primary languages spoken by our families in the New Have Unified School District" and I have to count for every student! sob

Mom's old college friend from Connecticut is coming. Their daughter was a nat'l ranked gymnast, got a full ride to college, both kids are straight A+ students. I'm not impressive, but I can wear my Chloe blouse and make myself feel better. lol

I want to go back to Phi Phi Island. :)

*walks to parents room to blowdry hair, sees suitcase on bed* "SAM! Where's mom and dad going?"...."Cabo" argshkljsdfsdhkahlgfs

Camping! Lake Alamore...Alamanor...Alll....Alamona...ALMANOR!

Diplo - "the yeah yeah yeahs are a proper rock band and they rule" WORD.

My besterestest best friend all the way from Canada (aye) shipped a bouquet of roses to my house! I love you Viv!!! <3


Coworker dropped the F-Bomb at 7:45 am. Older Indian coworker says "Ahh, good morning, we're right on time" That's Enrollment for ya. And I hate getting yelled at by parents that aren't mine.

is watching Inglourious Bastardos with Jump and Peter. Tell me why I'm always third-wheeling with this happy couple?!?!

Mr. Mac "Oh, so you're not with that guy anymore? I bet because he wasn't a Harry Potter fan huh! Yea, that's my girl!" ROFL, Mr. Mac is the rawsomest ahaha

I thought I was a fool for no one, but ooh baby I'm a fool for you


Finished my online class homework less than one minute before the close! I laugh in the face of danger muahahaha

and Max. :)

Bowling names: Tenticle, Kettle, Roo, Marine Gf (wtf), and Pedro

finished, completed, and processed Traffic School (assigned in April) ONE DAY before the deadline! I laugh in the face of danger muahaha

Oh, by the way, I'm flying to LA tomorrow morning. Let's play!



I'm praying that my paycheck is XXXL bc I had way too much fun with my life and my credit card this month

told my nephew that my stash of Gummy Worms=dog food and jar of Nutella=medicine so he wouldn't ask me for some. Muahaha

MAJOR homework carnage tonight then celebrating life and resilient livers tomorrow at Mua!

wow, first all-nighter. And it's the 3rd week of school.

daydreaming about my bed

I've been awake since 10am. YESTERDAY. And it was because I did double the amount of hw that I was s'posed to. Now I can chill this week!

I found a box of Capri Sun in the fridge. Life just got 10x mo betta.

How did Old Navy go from hip commericals with sexy models and catchy music to...talking mannequins?


Tim Burton, Alexander McQueen, Wade Robson, Johnny Depp, and maybe Outkast need to collaborate on something and it'll be the coolest, weirdest something ever.

My mom bought a can of corned beef hash. What're you supposed to do with it? Filipino friends please help a Thai girl out.

Mom: "Any team that stays at our hotel loses. Like the Chicago Bears."

I have no time for school. Life is too much fun. So excited to see Monicuzzin from Philly, Mr. Hyphen (Go Pahole! for Thai-Am Scholarship/Janet Liang!), 1920's party and Ski/Board Fest!

I was watching Grey's Anatomy and I asked Mom, "What does it mean if you're yellow?" (as in Jaundice/liver prblms; I find out later) and she says "It means you're Asian."

is really full. Full of sushi and Capri Sun. Perfect meal :)

ME: "I'm hungry." MOM: "Are you pregnant?!" GEEZ, wtf!

Mom: "You're undependable."


I participated in a small competition/test of strength (of the legs) and I beat a Marine...TWICE. Muahaha. I win!

Dad: "Me and Mom are going out to eat at our friend's restaurant but you and Sam aren't invited." SO WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS?

Vivian: "nipples are in for spring 2010... gotta get me some pointy bras hahaha"

Me: "What island are we going to?" Mom: "Waikiki. Where all the shopping is" --I know Waikiki isn't an island, what I didn't know was that my mom would think to revolve a vacation around shopping locations. I think I like her.

Mom (watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition): "That looks like your bedroom." Me: "The Before or After?" Mom: "BEFORE."

Mom: "He must be gay. He loves to eat testicles." --while watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

just graduated! I dunno why I signed up for school when I'm clearly so happy without it!

Sometimes when I do something really dumb like: locking my keys in the car, dropping food on my shirt...I wish I could Ctrl+Z. Like I actually play it out in my head "Aaargh! Ctrl+Z! Ctrl+Z!"

Peter Thupsoonthorn and Jump Promprakob won't drop me off in Roseville because they're scared of my mom.


GAY = SIN from Matthew Brown on Vimeo.

"I sincerely hope that in the future we stop looking for divinity amongst the pages of outdated books and find the divinity that we are all capable of as human beings." -Mitchell LeBlanc
The Rotola with basil is one of my favorite snacks. It's a "small wheel" of mozarella rolled up with proscuitto and basil. It's kinda pricey, like $7 for 8 oz. but you're paying for a good quality snack. Anyways, my sister finished half of the log by herself. She just ate it straight for lunch. She sat on the couch watching the Disney channel and scarfed the whole thing down. It's supposed to be a sliced and shared appetizer usually enjoyed with company or at least a glass of wine. I'm really mad and hungry and I don't know who in their right mind would think it was okay to hog half of a cheese log. It's like baking a red velvet cake for your family but saving half for yourself. No, more like something classy, like drowning a medium rare steak in bbq sauce or taking a shot of absinthe (Hi Max). I've had roommates before, and I know what it's like to share food. You eat portions! NOT THE WHOLE THING! This is NOT the first time I've gotten mad at my sister for eating everything. I can't remember what the last food item was but it's like...REALLY?!?! YOU ate that whole thing BY YOURSELF?!?! Did you even consider that maybe your 3 other family members may have wanted to taste some?

asdlkjhfsdlkfjhldkf and my tummy has been all weird because I've only been eating funky Thai food.

sorry, i love my cheese. and i'm hungry and grumpy

Veiled Remarks

I was doing my usual daily tour of my favorite wedding websites and came across this unusual advertisement on Once Wed.

I thought the little subtitle was quirky and stylish so I clicked it which led to her website.

Melissa is an author of a book (same title as above) which contains a gazillion of funny and unusual facts about the history of weddings.

According to the homepage, back in the day after a bride a groom was wed, the groom would stand at his bride's side, her hand in his left and his sword in his right to fight off any of her family members that had gone postal and tried to steal her back.

There's not much on her website, but what's there is cool.

Another thingy off her blog features interviews with children to find out their definitions of marriage.


It's better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need someone
to clean up after them. -- Anita, age 9

Tell your wife that she looks pretty, even if she looks like a dump
truck. -- Ricky , age 10


2010 So far

Dude, this year has been so wonderful and it's only been 13 days!

1.) I get to see this guy ^^^ 2 weekends in a row!

2.) I just got hired by Like.com check it out and shop!

3.) I'm going to Hawaii this weekend

4.) Osha SF is opening a new location on the 20th = expensive free food!!!

5.) On the 22nd I'm volunteering for (haha) a volunteer recognition event in Hayward and getting my free Disneyland ticket!!!

6.) Later that evening a bunch of us from Save the Thai Temple are attending the Warriors game where we will be honored at halftime for our work in the Asian American community (I'm kinda embarrassed to go down to the court, I'd rather sit in the stands and see it happen)

7.) I'm really just excited for Max to be here twice. Aaaand he's flying Virgin America, which I booked, so I'm kinda jealous. I'm even happier that he's not driving. He does a shitload of driving.

8.) I'm trying to find time to go donate blood, help Haiti!


Hi Amanda, what's my name?

I found this on my old Photobucket and I thought I'd repost it because of how funny this day was.

I was sitting with my dad at the temple, and I see this baby. I was shocked, "DAMN! That baby looks exactly like me as a baby!" Even crazier that my own father agreed with me. Then, baby starts running. Her mom yells for her, "Amanda!"

Ridiculous. She's my twin! I see her sometimes at the temple, she's about...5 or 6 now and she still kinda looks like me.

This is my baby picture with my China Doll haircut.

Amanda and Amanda. I look janky because I finally retired from World Guard for the year.

And then Sandy found her Mini Me.


"Go Away"

April deserves to be famous.














Just clearing up my desktop. I'm attempting to switch layouts so I can post entries with BIGGER pictures. Time to brush up on my not-so-wonderful html skillz.



Blah blah blah about the the whole military thing. I try not to let my boyfriend become my muse but it's just chemistry. I'm drawn to the things he likes (not videogames...yet) and the the things he does.

Anyways, Alpha Industries has produced over 40 million outerwear pieces for the US Military and now they sell military-INSPIRED garments. Their shit is cool. AND affordable! The men's stuff is more classic and the women's is more contemporary.

Ladies MacGyver. Orig: $98 NOW: $38

Fortress Wool. Orig: $160 NOW: $75Ladies Motor Bomber. Orig: $445 NOW: $180 sjdkhfadkfhg I have no money!!!


Hickoree's Hard Goods is mostly an online store full of gentlemany goods. Leather, canvas, hard metals, flannel, denim. They've got a pop-up shop in Brooklyn thru February (dammit, everything's in New York). Everything they carry is sourced from small shops around the world: toiletries (whiskey/tabacco scented aftershave, for example) from Portland, metal charms from Mexico, canvas and leather trim bags from England. None of that yucky mass-produced crap. Naturally, everything I liked on their online shop was already sold out. It's a good sign because I've got no money to spend in the first place.

One thing my wonderful Killer has got me into is literary style. I've always loved pictures more than words but you cannot deny that diction&description = style. Check out the flyer for their pop -up shop.cred: The Fader

Rock N Roll Bride

What’s new for ‘I do’? – Turn your back on tradition with 2010’s so-now W-day crazes
1. Outdoor ceremomies
2. Photo booths
3. Cupcakes (still!)
4. Balloons
5. Personal details
6. Centrepieces instead of flowers
7. No receiving line
8. Chalkboard signs
9. Bright shoes with a white dress
10. Engagement photo shoots
11. Grooms in Converse trainers
12. Short dresses worn with birdcage veils
13. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses
14. Dogs at weddings
15. Fake moustaches for fun photos


also from: Manufactum.co.uk

This is the Tre Spade Coffee Grinder. Epic.

"Connoisseurs agree that freshly ground coffee tastes so much better if it is ground manually, not electronically. This beautiful old Italian device transforms an unpopular chore into a pleasure. It is also extremely attractive: the body , flywheel and cogs are cast iron, the mill forged steel, and the crank handle and base are beech. The mill can be adjusted from fine, for espresso, to coarse, for filter coffee."

Goes for about...$440 plus shipping and import tax and all those other taxes and fees to get this sexy ass coffee grinder shipped across the pond.


from: http://www.papertastebuds.com/
This copper pot goes for about $153 US.

"It is made by hand in a small coppersmith shop in Birmingham, England. They’ve been making this kettle with the same tools, same materials and same process for over 100 years. The kettle, made entirely of copper, boasts a perfectly flat bottom for even heat distribution plus dashingly good looks."

Check it out (I doubt anyone can afford it) at Manufactum.co.uk

Dear Killer

We must. We MUST. Build this in our kitchen. That's all. =)


Dipped Chocolate

I know I disappeared for a while. It seems that I make more time to blog and Facebook when I'm looking to get away from homework. Since I've graduated I've been looking for jobs.

My last couple posts have been AAAALLL writing and no pretty pictures. Not that I'm an established fashion/style blogger (eew) but I do have feelings and I do complain a lot.

So now, I'll be catching up on pictures. These are from Once Wed and feature a couple that had a barn wedding in Norcal on a gloomy rainy day.

I love that all the bridesmaids are wearing boots. That's awesome.

Cotton Club

I've looked and admired these pictures over and over so many times that I've nearly gotten sick of them. I can't believe I forgot to post them here to show off. :P

I had finals week right before the night of the party so I was left to send out an electronic invite :/ At least I saved trees. I arranged everything on Photoshop CS4 in about, 15 minutes. The written part was conjured up by my wonderful friendboy.

I had some of the boys stand outside because you were required to know a password to get in. I thought it was just a neat little detail but some of my guests DID forget the password and thought that they could just waltz in...SIKE!

I WISH I had more money to make more food. I was sooo worried we were going to run out.

The party started at 9pm and I THOUGHT everyone would have already eaten dinner. I was wrong. Everyone was scarfing down everything.

I did the hair and makeup for Uno and she looked like a little Clara Bow.

Clara Bow, for reference.


--Pictures of guests!!!

That was just a TINY TINY TINY sample. For more pictures, click...