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I have 3 blogs now. Isn't that insane? I use my Tumblr for mostly reblogs and inspiration photos, my choufleurdowntown blog to post "interesting" photos of my life and work, and this one to complain. I figure it would be easier to just close this one and privatize my personal posts on my other blog but I've already accumulated so many entries on this one. Only like, 4 people know of this and I don't think ANYONE reads this so I'm good.

So...life so far...

After one wonderful year in Downtown Los Angeles, Max and I are moving to Pasadena. Max has been suffering a 1hr Metro commute to Pasadena to attend school, on top of suffering the stinky homeless population in downtown, the traffic, and the additional $70 he has to pay for off-site parking, and the additional monthly fee for the Metro. Me, well, I've been daydreaming, taking in the architecture, strolling, enjoying the neighborhood's growth, the abundance of bars and restaurants, and my 4 block walk to work. It's only fair that we make this move so Max's life can be a little easier.

Max is currently in Tblisi, Georgia to train the army over there. Perfect timing. I've pretty much packed up the entirety of the loft BY MYSELF on top of dealing with moving out procedures and acquiring a new place in Pasadena. Things (knock on wood) are starting to fall into place. We signed a contract with our landlord that allowed them to show our unit to prospective renters while we're still living here, and if someone decided they wanted to rent our unit during that time, we would get a $200 bonus. The leasing agent showed my unit to 3 different parties in one day (and apologized each time for intruding) and someone has already decided to rent! It seemed like none of the parties lingered in my apartment for more than 2 minutes. On top of that, the landlord of the apartments in Pasadena we like just emailed me to say that there should be a unit available on August 6th. Our last day here in Downtown is August 12th. That gives us enough overlap time to move apartments without having to pay so much pro-rated rent for the new place.

Geez, since the last time I blogged, I hadn't even moved to Downtown yet...I don't think. From October 2010 to April 2011 I worked for this children's formal wear website and it was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. A ghetto/tiny start-up and I was making $10/hr without taxes taken out from my paychecks. It was hardly sustainable and I dipped into my savings from my summer job in order to make rent. My boss was crazy and I don't know how I put up with her. She made me cry more than once! It was frustrating because she was so mean and I could care less about the work. Like Francis once told me, "Minimum wage, minimum effort." It was a difficult job and it definitely opened my eyes to the truly awful side of the fashion industry. It also made me comfortable dealing with unhappy customers.

I peaced out in April to work for Macy's Special Productions for 6 weeks in San Francisco. This was a completely bittersweet experience. I got to go back home, which meant I left Max in LA. I was making bank and having so much fun styling for a fashion show, but then it was only a 6 week job. I seriously felt overpaid. We would wander around Macy's, picking clothes for the show and hanging out/taking long lunches. It was essentially a final product based job. If that job could last forever, I could actually afford to LIVE in San Francisco.

In May I came back down to LA and was unemployed for a month. I took the time to relax from the nightmare that was my children's formal wear job. I did pretty well with my fitness during that time. For weeks I actually enjoyed lazying around, working out, and lazying some more in the apartment.

June to the present...I'm working as a hostess for a fast-paced restaurant. I'm making really good money but my hours are crazy. Split shifts mean I don't stay at work for extended periods of time, but I mostly have to stay home and revolve my entire day around the shorter shifts and returning back to work. It's impossible to get my shifts covered because there is only 1 other host and I don't have a real weekend anymore. Tuesday is my only full day off. Thursday I only work 2 hours. It sucks, but the money is good.

A music video I styled for is releasing tomorrow! Check Corridor Digital on Youtube.

I'm sort of in talks with the line producer for this low budget indie film as a costume/wardrobe assistant. I know I'm completely capable, but I don't really have anything to show for it. I need to build a portfolio or website ASAP.

I've also got another gig with Macy's for their Glamorama fashion show in September. That'll be a nice break.

Listing all this stuff looks like I've accomplished a lot but I feel like crap. I really want to get back to school. At first I wanted to pursue a bio degree and go to med school but now I'm thinking nursing. I can't ask my parents for anymore money since I did fashion school. My lofty dreams of med school will put me in further debt. Nursing sounds more financially attainable. I was on a roll with signing up for city college and getting the governor's grant to cover my classes and then...all the classes are full. I probably won't be able to sign up for anything until winter semester.

My dad also invited me to go to Thailand with him in November to volunteer for Operation Smile, you know, the kids with cleft palates and stuff. It sounds like fun. I figure that since I have no solid commitments to school or work for the time being, I might as well experience something great.

Til next time...