There's no Denying

Kanye with his rawesome entourage at the Comme de Garcon show. You wish you had a dapper group of homies to walk about town with. I wish!

If you hate or dislike Kanye, give me a reason. There shouldn't be one. Yes, he's cocky, but he has every right too. His music is innovative and every released single has made it to the top of the Billboard charts. His introduction of preppy attire paired with Louis Vuitton bags became a trend in the hip hop world. He brags about himself and speaks his mind but we the people continue to worship the ground he walks on because he's serious shit. Even his new and unusual and weird singing album, 808 and Heartbreaks, is climbing the charts. "Art wins! Art wins!"



Thanks to Jessie, I saw the Coachella lineup first thing in the morning. What a coincidence, seeing that I was searching for it last night to no avail.

Last year when I was a student in L.A., my roommates and I didn't attend. We were stupid, blaming our car-lessness as a reason for not going. However, Coachella  heavily promotes carpooling and rideshares!

I want to go soooo bad this year. The lineup is awesome except for the false rumor that Muse was headlining. I want to see the tranny mess that is Amy Winehouse, the epic Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the dj stylings of Shepard Fairey/TRAV$DJ-AM/Steve Aoki,  M. Ward, MSTRKRFT, Atmosphere, The Killers, Crystal Castles, The Ting Tings, Jenny Lewis, Lupe Fiasco...and so, so much more. 

1 day for $99
3 days for $269.

And to dreadfully remember that I just spent $195 yesterday on filling in 5 miniscule cavities! That's 2 days of concert/82 bands I could have seen!!!

Wow, anxiety!


Do this, and this, and this.

I'm watching Lord of the Rings II & III with the Special Features dvds following. I know I said I hated school, but now I'm interested in cinematic makeup. Or costume. Or for an art department. 

I want to do everything!!!



This recession is really getting to me. I can't find a job. At first I started with retail stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Urban Outfitters to no reply. Then Old Navy and Target, then Ross and TJ Maxx. Starbucks is closing 300 stores and laying off 6,000 employees.

Now, one of my favorite magazines is being ceased, as reported by Perez Hilton. Conde Nast Publications is stopping magazine prints and shutting down the website of Domino. =( Domino featured a lot of great home decoration ideas, flower arrangements and gardening, dinner recipes, diy projects. Why couldn't Conde Nast shut down 1 of 4 Bride mags? Or 1 of 2 Gold mags? Or the AWFUL Teen Vogue?!?!

Sad =(


selfish, fat sister. go ahead, eat everything.

jzhjfhsflkj im so hungry!

Smoking is very bad for you!

I want these kind of boots. Vivian found some great, tuscan red boots off ebay...I have no idea how to search for them! I hope to come across a pair at Thrift Town...

I love everything about these combinations. The leather, the black-on-black-on-black, the slouchy/eased leggings, the architectural construction. I don't know about wearing all black for fun, but I definitely enjoyed the events I worked at in LA where all-black was required. You pay so much more attention to detail when you're forbidden from wearing prints or colors; it's exciting! Black just breathes authority.

iPhone cupcakes! I want to make these for someone's birthday. Most likely Peter's but I might go to Coachella!!! EEE! And I will definitely replace the yucky fondant for icing. I hate fondant.

Boat shoes and loafers. Nikko got so many high-quality pairs from Thrift Town =(. I can't find a single pair in my size.


I just found out one of my most favorite, erratic teachers is ONLY 6 years older than my dad. I thought she was much, much older. She did say that she smoked 2 packs a day. So kids, don't smoke. You get prune lips too. And the hacking, disgusting cough. 

Now that I'm 19, my parents opening my mail is obviously a federal offense. Not that I would take it to court or anything, but I am a very...I don't know the word. Something like, if you underestimate my responsibility, then I'll do exactly what you think. My mom nags me to clean my room or wash the dishes and I won't do it. When my parents are on vacation, I can clean the entire house by myself, sometimes for fun. When my parents open my mail and bills, I lose all responsibility of handling payments or calling who I need to call. If I open my own mail, I take full responsibility and it becomes a serious priority.

Can't wait to move out!
I miss romance.


Please Magically Appear In My Closet Now!!!

Cheap Monday Very Fit Bondage Black Denim $65

Tom's Wrap Shoe $120 (They donate 1 pair to a child in need for every purchase!)

Stockingirl 15 Denier with black seam $26

Obey - Women's Flossin $23
Rebel8 Frisco shirt $18



I love my parents. I never share my feelings with them verbally but they know it. My mom gets naggy. She can press on me the same subject, like cleaning my room, for an hour in so many rephrased sentences and structures. But then she does things like taking me out shopping. My sister doesn't quite get it, but I always try my hardest to reciprocate the kindness. I wish I could give her everything she wanted. Except cleaning my room. Because I enjoy the mess.

My dad is pretty awesome. Sometimes he's pretty unreliable and refuses to respond to his name, but he's chill. He doesn't say much, but he works hard. He has no enemies, he befriends everyone. He also makes any awkward situation easier or funny.


I finished the Twilight Series. I cleared all 4 "Harry Potter Sized" books in a week. The books were very emotional, which is probably why I felt so slow while reading them. I'm not going to give anything away...

I start school tomorrow. I dropped my Friday class because I hate being in school on Fridays. My sleeping schedule is terrifying. The past couple days I've been sleeping at 4am and waking up between 12pm - 2pm. Tonight I am most likely going to take nighttime cold medicine in hopes of knocking out before midnight.

This Saturday is also a family friend's wedding. Im excited! I love weddings, and although this one will be at the temple, the groom asked that everyone dress up for the occassion.  The groom also asked my parents to kind of play the part of "acting parents" when he went to the bride's house to ask her parents for a blessing. Anyways, I really enjoy Thai weddings because they tie a sort of, holy thread around the head of the groom, connecting the thread to loop around the head of the bride. It symbolizes a meeting of minds, two souls becoming one..it's very romantic, in a subtle way...since Thai people are pretty conservative with the whole love deal. 


Not the Bandwagon!

First, Hilary Duff on the cover of Maxim Jan '09. She's a REAL sexy woman now!!! So proud! You still can't sing but you do great charity work AND you're sexy! You go, Hilary Duff!


I recently fell into everything that is the Twilight series. And, NO, I am not hopping into the bandwagon with everyone else. Why? Because I was extremely lazy and the hype is over. For Christmas, Sam bought book 1 & 2, Twilight and New Moon; respectively. I finished each in about 10 hours. I read all day Monday and all day Tuesday. Today I purchased Eclipse  and tomorrow I have to go to Borders and pay full-fucking-price for Breaking Dawn because all the cheaper stores are sold out.

I actually watched the movie first, a bootleg, with Suwanna. I must say, the book to movie adaptation turned out a lot better than Harry Potter. Harry Potter is full of twisted, important, minute details and events. When they're left out of the movie, you notice, and it really sucks.To this day I only think film 3 lived up to any sort of expectation. The rest of the films suck balls. The Twilight book focused A LOT, A LOT LOT on Bella's feelings. The book was like, 3/4's emotion and 1/4th action and yet in the film they manage to hack out all the chemistry and dialogue and POOF, they're in love. I was surprised that on the upcoming DVD cover, they feature the 3 bad vampires when they're only in the film for a total of...10 minutes? 

The book, Eclipse, really hurt to read. This book was 7/8's heartbroken Bella and 1/8th contact with other characters. It was somewhat irritating, but you must admire how well the author crafted heartache; the pain, loneliness, emptiness, the sickness...down to the very last detail. Admirable because any reader could understand how it feels to be dumped without ever having a true love. Brill.