Happy Fucking Holidays

What is the purpose of asking me, AT THE STORE, what I want for Christmas, buying something on sale (more like a great steal) that we both agreed on, then telling me a week later that I have to pay half of the cost back to you?! 

Menopause. No wait, you're too young for menopause, it's just PMS. kjhwlkhflksjdhfasdk.


She took a tumble

Went snowboarding with great friends today. The park wasn't so great...too many of those damn ski moguls. BAD NEWS for boarders. I tried to do a slight turn, hit a hump, and tumbled down the mountain. I didn't hurt anything, but I flipped and rolled and slid and flopped for a good 30 seconds. Only Max and my dad were with me, so back at the lodge Max explained to everyone else that I "took a little tumble"

Kind of an understatement...oh well, less embarassing for me.



It's terrifying. Like in Jeux d'enfants when the two main characters leave their spouses to be together after taking separate paths that eventually led them back to the beginning. You're happy because reason says they should to be together. But do you ever think about the ones left behind? 

You say you feel empty all the time...maybe I'm not the one.


I've got it!

So I figure the reason I don't write in this is because I don't have pictures to post along with my entries. I am a very visual person and I hate looking at my own blog because it's all words. So, voila, pictures. I also lost my camera charger, hence the lack of ANY event photos.

My mom bought me a serger (overlock) as a Christmas gift. What it does is it clean finishes the edge of the fabric and allows room for stretch. It's great for knit fabrics or those silky fabrics to prevent fraying.

I forgot what homework assignment I was working on, but Dookie took a nap in my fabric pile. So cute!


Fuck. I have to sew a dress in a day. I think about how bad I am with spreading out my homework schedule throughout the week to even out my stress level and the thing is...I'm doing homework all week! I never have enough time to get ahead. I'm always at a constant routine of being extremely stressed on Wednesday night. Last Thursday I didn't go to school...and magically I have an entire dress due this Thursday. And somehow I don't even have my patterns done yet. At least I enjoyed my "sick" day last week. =)

It's okay, I can lose sleep tomorrow...but I wonder how behind I am...
I complain about school so much! I should just drop out!



I don't write in here as often as I should.

My heart fluttered in Gossip Girl when Blair hugged Chuck as he cried. Ohmahgaw.

I have 3 days of school left...all going to be hellish, but I really don't care! I hate school. I'm an ass for going to an expensive one, but A's don't really matter in fashion school. Your portfolio does. And it's all about who you know.

I can't wait for this week to be over!


I want

I want to work more than 2 days a week.
So I can make money.
So I can buy gifts for my well deserving family and friends.
I want to sew things that I actually feel like sewing.
I want to design my own things.
I want to play guitar.
I want to clean my room.
I want to exercise.
I want to clean up that entire living room that my homework devoured.
I want to socialize and not feel stressed midway through the night.
I want to feel awake and energetic.

TWO MORE WEEKS GIRL, TWO MORE WEEKS!!!! It's almost overrr...