i'm tired of waiting but this is what it's going to be like.


Life and Death and the Thingies Inbetween

"Hugs help"

"Yea, they do. You sound like you need one. Baby."

"Not a baby. Just a kid."

"You make me smile too often. Quit it."


"Hi. Miss you. That is all."


"I downloaded Hurt Locker but I still didn't watch it"

"Bwahaha, you're hopeless."

"I know, and you still stick around"

"Yeah, I'm helpless"


"Ahhh, wine shots"

"But your liver! Dude, you better not die on me."

"Why does it matter?"

"Because I'd be mad."


"At you! For dying on me, quitter."

"K, I won't die if you don't."



Someone as fine as you

An excerpt from, a cheesy, scribbled out American Greetings card...

"Who am I to say, that my wishes are fatter? The author that's who, the one deserves such a beating, when he sold this trite trash to American Greetings.

So I spruced this bitch up, with some lines of my own, with one part affection, and two parts Patron. No not really you fool, I needn't the clout, I'm free of all booze, I'm not stumbling about. The one part affection, I left that bit there, I'm a fool for somethings, and you're the corsair, that swindled my sense, and an impressive deal more, and now here I sit with schemes to adore, the air that you breathe, that gives life to your essence...do you see this fool shit?! I started a sentence, that was overly dramatic, I can't make that chronic, sure I'm romantic, just not that moronic.

So you're texting me now, and that's problematic, you're distracting me now, in a manner sporadic! Honestly though, I love when you do, I smile inside, and outside some too.

You should be twenty by now, by the time you receive this letter/card of sorts, and you better believe that your twenty is lame, it's not worth your time, just skip it and bail, I won't drop dimes. You'll be twenty plus one with me and our friends, no one will know, and we can all just pretend, that we're all having fun, and it's okay by the law, we'll be raucous and loud, until our throats become raw.

I bid you farewell, at least for the time, you've your life to attend, with small room for my rhymes. I'll be here when you need me, I'll be here when you don't, I'll be here when you want me, I'll be here when you won't. I'll stay far away, or as near as can be

I'll be your whatever, so long as you'll have me."

lol, I'm having a really cool birthday =)

Birthday at Namu


Deuce Deuce

So for the sake of legality, I said I turned 22 last night.


It was so fun getting to order as much food as I wanted "putting my gift certificate to use"
Plate after plate...after the $50 was taken off, the total was $99 for 6 people. Yee! Sustainable, green, delicious meal =)

And vino, soju, soju, more soju, and sake.

So I'm reading my texts from last night...

"Don't die, I'll be mad at you!"
"Awww, that's actually pretty sweet"
"I'm serious"
"I would never leave you without the intention of coming back. Not ever"


k, melstarrr is picking me up to go camping!


love my friends, family, and coffee milk tea with pearls.

I thought I was a fool for no one, turns out I'm a fool for you.
Everything I've ever wanted. The love.


Bon - Fiyaaaaaaaah

This is the flyer I made for the bonfire among our temple kids. A lot of folks graduated from hs and college this year so i thought we should have a big celebration.

My sister had an old teddy bear from an ex-boyfriend that did her dirty so she set it on fire. It was pretty terrifying because the fur melted first which retracted from the eyes so basically the bear stared back at us.

This picture was a mistake but the lighting is cool.

Gypsies' Garden Gathering

I just like doing these kinda things. I don't know what happened to time but it just ran out! I was supposed to have more food haha.