fucking shit. fuck! i wanted to do this!!! =(


Random Picture Roll

Lanterns I purchased from TJMaxx. It was totally an impulse buy, but Killer enthusiastically agreed that they were "AMAZING" and perfect for OUR apartment. We bought all 4 to ensure that nobody else would have them. =P

I love my job. And I love the iMac. It's perfecto when it comes to Photoshop.

My bomb-ass sammich from Specialty's. It's an edited order of the Roast Turkey Sandwich with Ciabatta bread, minus vinagrette, minus mayonaisse, plus whole cranberry sauce, plus stone ground mustard. YUMMMM.

Trying to work with my mom's PC at work was a nightmare. I spend hours trying to download a trial of Photoshop and it didn't work.

An old picture of Killer and I. He choked me when I stole that green watch on his wrist, then ran to a shed crying and talked to a turtle.

The jacket of a 2-piece Kenneth Cole suit Killer picked up from Nordstrom Rack. Marked down to $300 from $600. Slim fit, navy blue with black pinstripes, 2 button, lots of pockets.

At that dinky faire across from Oracle Arena. =)

At HQ for the little launch party the day our website went live. This is everyone that works at the photo studio, including others, and a guy on webchat...working from Argentina or something?

Yea, they have massage chairs at HQ. Imagine doing photoshop from a massage chair. That'd be fantastic.

Aaand, I miss Killer. A whole lot. I only want one friend, I only need one person in my life, my safety net has been downsized to one person ...but he's at drill =( This is just a weekend thing too! Gahd, then on April 22nd he'll be gone with no means of communication for 9 weeks. and then a few weeks later he'll be gone for another 2 weeks.

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Killer is at drill this weekend. Usually he comes home every night and we get to talk/text throughout the day but this particular weekend he's sleeping at Pendleton so he left his phone in the car. It's really hard not having him to talk to all day. skdjfskdsd

So, Dear Killer, I purchased $150 worth in gift certificates for Restaurant.com for a grand total of $12 so we can do more of the dining as seen above. Maybe I should buy more gift certificates =P

On Friday, March 5th I picked up Killer from the airport and we headed to Burlingame for dinner at Sappore Italiano Restaurant. The food was served relatively quickly. Starting with the breadbasket which was served with a delicious olive oil/tomato bruschetta. I had spinach and cheese ravioli which was also very fresh and yummy but not as yummy as Killer's rigatoni with this unexplainable AMAZZIIIING sauce.

We were seated between two other couples, an old couple that seemed to be enjoying each others' company but didn't bother to hide their glares when I pulled out my debit card to pay for dinner, and this other couple that made us wonder why they weren't divorced.

Oh, before dinner we picked up a bottle of Wilson Creek Almond Champagne that we sipped at home.

Lovely day. Late post.

Friday Cryday

Dear Killer,

You're away at drill for the whole goddamn weekend, cell phone phone excluded, and I've only got two things to say to you.


The orthodontist placed a chain, wire, and another chain over my teeth. My face hurts!!!

Love, Chou-fleur