LA To-Do List

I have to make myself lists because thinking about these things keep me up at night.

-pack clothes
-clean room
-buy snacks
  • orange juice
  • 5 hour energy
  • water
  • anything else
-pack concert tickets
-charge ipod/make playlists
-find my sunglasses
-sleeping bags
-transfer $$$


Snap out of it!

I had a really great week with Nung and all the Thai music/dance teachers. I figured that the reason I've been sooo attached to all of them was because of the simple fact that I miss Thailand. I haven't gone back since the summer before my Junior year of high school. Before that I used to go every other summer.

Saturday was the temple's Open House and it was great. Clean up post event went by so fast; everyone was ready to get sloshed. Party was at my house. Incredible Hulks, sake bombs, daquiris, margaritas, and Henny. 

On Monday I went to Vacaville with Nung and the teachers to take them shopping at the outlets. Asians are brand-crazy. Later we partied it up in Antioch.

Tuesday, helped the teachers pack all their belongings and dropped them off at the airport around 11pm. People were crying, not me though, I think I've exhausted my tear ducts already. I really wish I could be heading to SF Int'l Airport to go on my own trip. I love the airport.


And lastly, I'm infatuated with this guy thats a family friend. Problem is, he's friends with my dad. So that would be like, me dating my dad's good friend. Or Nung's dad's friend. Even though he's only 24. What am I thinking!?!?! I need to stopppppp


More Obama Pictures =)

No cell phones allowed in meetings/briefings!

This is totally a movie shot.

Helpin' a brotha out.

I love the fact that there's an official Flickr account for the White House. It's so awesome to get to see the President, his family, and everyone else in the House doing normal things.



Parisian babies look better than majority of Americans.

I'm STILL in shock that there are NO LEFTOVERS from my sister's grad party, except for a little bowl of mashed potatoes that I forgot to bring out as well as a Key Lime Pie. NOTHING. I'm starving and haven't had the desire to cook for myself since Saturday. We don't even have any sliced bread with artichoke dip! I didn't even get my fill of fried chicken! Or Cajun Shrimp Pasta! I'm just curious as to where all the food went! It really didn't look like a lot of people....I'm so hungry. Feed me!


Emma fricking Watson

I swear, I have thheeee biggest girl crush on Hermione. Mmm, not really a girl crush but I do go bananas for her fashion magazine gigs. 

Burberry Ad Campaign

From Harper's Bazaar


i think i can!

5 Hour Energy is a gift from God.I try to complete as much homework as I can before midnight which is when my body and mind get a little wonky from exhaustion but with a little sip of 5, I can keep going for another hour or two! Now if only I had a cure for carpal tunnel...doing Illustrator for 16 hours a day is painful.

I've homeworked about 16 hrs a day, gone to bed at 2 and woken up at 6 to 7 everyday this school week. I feel very accomplished but I never want to do this ever again.

Time to catch some zzz's on BART.


Water and Lime?

Saturday was the "Only for Pretend" art show and boy was the turn out fabulous! Jam-packed, great crowd, great art, great vibe, great snacks *ahem* wine, cheese and crackers, red velvet cupcakes, water and lime (sneaky vodka tonics). Pahee sold about...5 of 8of his works during the reception and about 20 of his designs were printed onto shirts and sold! Peter, Dee, and Jump have to head back to the city tomorrow to pick up their shirts because they ran out of prints!

Afterwards a bunch of us went to Namu for some amazing Korean-fusion, Soju, and 3 rounds of sake thanks to the bomb-ass owner David! About to head back =)

Now for my epic homework list....I can't even list it. All I know is that I will run off of a couple 5 hour energies, crying fits, and the new concentrated Red Bull shots.

And on top of my homework pile I have to work on my sister's grad party (she's definitely not going to help out, so I have to recruit Suwanna from Antioch on Thursday), Project Michelle, Save the Thai Temple, Open House performances with Fremont Temple, and tomorrow morning my cousin, who's kinda irresponsible (both in his actions and financial stability), keeps getting kicked out all his relatives homes across the country is seeking refuge at my house. Gotta be family for him but I also gotta hide my valuables. Eh....


My Living Legend

I'm working on a playlist for my sister's grad party which is a lot of work. As you may know, I lost EVERYTHING on my computer so I've had to go digging thru my dad's old CD's to find some blues. I've also been downloading like crazy from the internet.

One of my favoritest blues musicians is Buddy Guy. A long time ago I saw him in an issue of the Rolling Stones' "100 Greatest Guitar Players of All Time" and they noted him for playing guitar with drumsticks and I was like, wtf? I fell in love with him; he's this old grandpa-dude with killer style, back in the day even Hendrix would cancel his own shows to watch Buddy's concerts, he's 73 years old, alive-and-kickin' with 36 concerts this year, and in this video he's shrieking and wailing about the blues and it kinda makes me wish I was blue ALL THE TIME. =) Check out 4:40 = AWESOME.

He has a concert in Saratoga on August 15th...*winkwink* birthday gift! I need to see all my favorite old musicians before they die. I remember my mom refused to let me see Carlos Santana (he's not that old) in Concord because she figured every concert-goer would be smoking weed, which is true, but honestly, I think great music comes from a drugged-up musician. (Hendrix, Beatles, Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, etc). Sad, but true, agree?

Only for Pretend!

Just a preview....

HEY FRIENDS! So...THIS SATURDAY is my big bruddah's first solo art show titled: Only for Pretend. His name is Pahole Sookkasikon and he is the coolest guy ever. One time, he drew me a Pikachu and I swear I kept it for years. His show will be at My Trick Pony gallery in SF on 15th/Market. There will be cheese, crackers, other snacks, beer and wine so come out! Starts at 7:30pm and ends at 10:30pm, then the bar hopping will begin.


When you were young

I'm so, so, so frustrated right now because my desktop PC went all wonky and shizz and deleted half of my collection of garments I was designing. If there's anything I hate more than homework, it's computer homework. So often at school, computers randomly shut off, files get corrupted, etc. I spent all of yesterday from 10am to 11pm doing homework and now part of it is gone. I also don't have the determination to complete it for tomorrow....sdkjfhafshdlf


I love love love when dancers are used as fashion models, which is rare. This is from a Chinese magazine. It's stupid that magazines don't do that dancer/fashion collaboration often. They think that the body distracts from the garment, very much like how all models are pin thin to create uniformity and bring all attention to the garment, void of all varying (and realistic) body types and stuff. I think dancers help create movement, they add another dimension to the photo, and we should respect the model as a performer of the art form and not just as a mannequin for the clothes, duh!


Drafted Menu

Here is a draft of the menu for my sister's grad party. On sketching paper.


Fried chicken of course.

Salad. I wanted collard greens but I'd probably be the only person to eat it.

Mac & Cheese

Garlic fries.


Pulled pork

Grilled corn

Jalapeno biscuits

Bacon wrapped jumbo prawns

Sweet potato fries

Mashed potatoes

Candied yams with marshmallows


Apple pie a la mode

Raspberry lemonade

Regular mojitos

Raspberry mojitos

Chocolate wine cake

Arnold Palmer

Grand champagne cocktail

Root beer

Shirley temple


And Dad is handling the beer. The menu is a little ridiculous...it's just a draft. And anyone in my Sandbox is invited! Come eat!