Snap out of it!

I had a really great week with Nung and all the Thai music/dance teachers. I figured that the reason I've been sooo attached to all of them was because of the simple fact that I miss Thailand. I haven't gone back since the summer before my Junior year of high school. Before that I used to go every other summer.

Saturday was the temple's Open House and it was great. Clean up post event went by so fast; everyone was ready to get sloshed. Party was at my house. Incredible Hulks, sake bombs, daquiris, margaritas, and Henny. 

On Monday I went to Vacaville with Nung and the teachers to take them shopping at the outlets. Asians are brand-crazy. Later we partied it up in Antioch.

Tuesday, helped the teachers pack all their belongings and dropped them off at the airport around 11pm. People were crying, not me though, I think I've exhausted my tear ducts already. I really wish I could be heading to SF Int'l Airport to go on my own trip. I love the airport.


And lastly, I'm infatuated with this guy thats a family friend. Problem is, he's friends with my dad. So that would be like, me dating my dad's good friend. Or Nung's dad's friend. Even though he's only 24. What am I thinking!?!?! I need to stopppppp

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