Drafted Menu

Here is a draft of the menu for my sister's grad party. On sketching paper.


Fried chicken of course.

Salad. I wanted collard greens but I'd probably be the only person to eat it.

Mac & Cheese

Garlic fries.


Pulled pork

Grilled corn

Jalapeno biscuits

Bacon wrapped jumbo prawns

Sweet potato fries

Mashed potatoes

Candied yams with marshmallows


Apple pie a la mode

Raspberry lemonade

Regular mojitos

Raspberry mojitos

Chocolate wine cake

Arnold Palmer

Grand champagne cocktail

Root beer

Shirley temple


And Dad is handling the beer. The menu is a little ridiculous...it's just a draft. And anyone in my Sandbox is invited! Come eat!


jensenn said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm..... can i come?

lumiere said...

you sure can!

FAR said...

when is your sister's thing? I cant find the invite on facebook.

let me know if you guys need help

s0urpatchkids said...

MMMMMMM. I can't wait! :)


wow so you know i cater right? haha if you need help which you prolly don't i can show you some tricks also btw i love callored greens!!!my fav but you gotta cook it right or else it becomes bitter dont what that do we