The Lost Christmas Eve

I really enjoy hanging out with boys because they just...go with the flow I guess. =) I kinda just included Jump in my plans and now Max is a part of them too.

Me: so, we're going to a concert in sacramento on november 28
Jump: i guess
Me: we will be crashing at max's house
and then snowboarding on sunday the 29th
Jump: in roseville
Me: yes sir
Jump: alrite
Me: i already bought your ticket, so you can pay me back in cash, credit it towards my share of gas money/lift tickets/booze
Jump: hahah alrite

Photo Roll

Haha, every single one is true except for the 15 minute warning one.

I can't get enough of these Kanye bashes. I don't own too many bright colored things but I'm a sucker for yellow. Eventually making that skirt... Loving everything in this photo but you can take out the girl. Don't need her.

Now how do I make those 3D paper streamers?


I plan on making this...

...and this..

and eventually make a bathing suit like the top two girls once I cop size 2 basic patterns from my friend =)

Loving her hair

Wish I could do this

I really want to wear a soft, fluid dress with some muddy rainboots.

Rings <3



Wonder if I could pull of that dramatic neckline


Bright Star

I watched this is Irvine with Killer and majority of the folks in the theater were grandpas and grandmas. I really wanted to watch this on my own because A.) I didn't think I could bear the corny-ness of watching a romance with my person and B.) I didn't want him to waste money on a movie that he probably wouldn't enjoy. He was pretty keen and set on watching it so off we went. During the trailer reel we found out The Boat That Rocked got its title changed to Pirate Radio which really sucks. I like everything "pirate" but the original title stuck with me.

Abbie Cornish is a great actress, as seen in Candy with Heath Ledger, but I must say her reputation has been ruined since Stop-Loss and her homewrecking hook-up with Ryan Phillippe.

Costumes were alright. Abbie's costumes weren't flattering for her fuller figure but the men looked great. Cinematography was great with loads of scenes drenched in natural light and intense close-up shots. Music wasn't memorable. As far as dialogue, IMDB doesn't have any quotes from the film so I can't back anything up. I have a really hard time remembering words since I'm a visual person, but there was a great scene were the poet Keats explains the process of creating poetry. And now I feel really stupid for beginning to explain something that I can't really explain.

11:11, make a wish

M: mercy me, you are SO lucky I'm not there right now, elsewise I'd smother you with something
probably a brick
A: =)
M: you make music sound better
that's a little perplexing, but I'll explain
I'm more or less constantly listening to music, mostly on Pandora :D , and because of my nature, I'm very emotionally susceptible to some songs
your effect on me is like an amplifier for my connection with music
like a drug
...I've got to get rid of you
you'll be great at first
then you'll kill me
A: you're the trained killer, you can kill me first
M: hey man, everyone's got their weakness
mine's you


Macy's Passport 2009

Yea, the screaming is annoying. Peep the Opera singer! I dressed her! =)

In the last vid, I tried so hard to not be scared of the python so I touched it while waiting backstage. All I did was kinda...poke it with my finger and I didn't want to do anything more after that. YUCKY.

You're My Person, and this is where it comes from

Burke: What is your problem?
Cristina: You know everyone’s back. Everyone’s back except her. And I listen to her. Everyday, about her McLove life, her McDreamy, her McCrap. And the one day, the one day I have a thing she disappears.
Burke: Meredith, this is about Meredith.
Cristina: She doesn’t know yet.
Burke: Meredith?
Cristina: She’s my person.
Burke: Right. And if Meredith doesn’t approve, then what?
Cristina: No, no. This, This is not about getting her approval, its about…
Burke: What?
Cristina: Telling her makes it, makes it... If I murdered someone she’s the person I’d call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor.
Burke: Okay, now, you’re likening someone here to a corpse. I’m done.
Cristina: She’s my person.


I'm am so freaking lazy. It's about 1:45am and my suitcase is completely empty. I have to wake up at 6am, leave my house at 7am, hop on a plane at 9am, arrive at SNA at 10am.

I'm very excited to get to Los Angeles but it still doesn't motivate me enough to start packin'.

Today was the Save the Thai Temple hearing and thank goodness I didn't have to talk. I hate public speaking which is why I signed up for design so I could be a creative introvert but I feel like I get sucked up into a lot of speeches!

Anyways all this hearing stuff was a lot of hard work and there were some things the council members suggested we improve on like a separate garbage can for food scraps and encouraging more patrons to take BART, walk, bike, or carpool.

It was really funny that only one complainant, just ONE neighbor, attended and introduced himself stating "Unfortunately I am the only one able to attend on behalf of the neighbors because everyone else had an emergency or children" LOL. "An emergency or children". ok.

So, we won 9-0 (EPIC) then went to a Thai restaurant to celebrate. Apparently, the head monk of the Berkeley temple had an insider to find out and tell him where we were going to celebrate so that the temple could foot the bill. It felt really awkward since we ordered LOADS of food, fried banana ice cream, lots of thai tea/coffee....and the temple paid for all of it!

sdjkfhisdhfksdf back to packing! It's 2am ahfskdjfhskl


Moose the Mooche

I've been digging through all my cd's stashed downstairs and FINALLY found my colorguard dvd from 2005. I've NEVER purchased a single colorguard dvd ever(shit's pricey) and the Winter Guard International gave our team these dvd's for free because of copyright issues due to Bjork recording with 2 different companies, so in the WGI dvd that was sold had our show ending played out in silence. The EPIC ending was played out in silence. An all-mens colorguard group, Northern Lights, did a tribute show to John Lennon's "Imagine" and the ENTIRE show was featured on dvd in silence. Same with another guard whose theme was Prince.

Hands down it my favorite show ever. It was the one time I was proud to be on the team, we were good, our show was fun, the visuals of the show were great, I had no drama with teammates. I got this nifty program so I could do some screen captures. I was being really picky and watching the entire show frame-by-frame, step-by-step to try to get the best shots. No, HD did not exist then. Hah. By the way, I also got lazy while capturing these shots so I gave up about 1/3 into the show.

Pretty useless post.


Shouldn't Say This but..

You give me this look. I can't even begin to explain but it's this piercing look and i can only sum it up as asecretlookthatnobodyelseknowsabout

and you also do this thing where you take my face in your hands and smile before you kiss me.
gaaaah, you melt me.


Yes, I SHOULD be doing homework.

In the wee hours of the am I got to read my favorite person's blog and I realized that I don't do shit with mine. So, here's some nonsense for you. Because when you really like someone, their nonsense is actually quite interesting (or maybe it's just me). For me, when I read about his nonsense, I feel like I'm there experiencing nonsense with him. It's enjoyable. I could sit around and do nothing with him and still be content.

I haven't lost my bet with Killer yet, I'm just taking a break. I need to relax a bit and get bored before I start homework. I'm still baffled as to how a name like Killer could feel so special to me but it just is. My Killer. lol.

Today I went to the temple and McScumbag paid an unwanted visit. He calls me EVERY day and I give him the same nasty attitude and he just doesn't get it. I feel bad for making Nat talk to him during lunch because I sure as hell wasn't going to acknowledge his existence. He calls me to hang out when I have better things to do, like laying on the floor and staring at the ceiling. He calls to tell me things that I don't ask about in the first place. He calls me at 2am when I've clearly got someone else on my mind. He calls right back when I ignore the first call. What. Do. You. Want?

The temple has grown into something a little less personal for me. I know about 5% of the people there when I used to know maybe 90%? I remember being able to grab lunch and pick out a spot to sit anywhere on the grounds but now we have to scramble to grab seats at the table...there are just people EVERYWHERE. And, they think it's fine to leave their trash at their table. Uh hello?

Went to Berkeley temple with Peter and Dee for a Know Your Rights meeting with all the grandpas and grandmas of the temple. A couple weeks ago, a rude neighbor trespassed the grounds on a Friday, began snapping pictures of the old folks cooking for the monks, then called the popo claiming "They were cooking on a Friday when the agreement was that they could only cook on Sundays!" No shit sherlock. People need to eat EVERY day. The monks aren't allowed to cook for themselves...duh. The hearing is next Tuesday and I'm pretty sure we've got this down. *Knock on wood* Today we explained all that goodness that is the 4th Amendment and all that you need to know when a popo comes a knockin.

After we left, Peter made a bet with me that if the Niners won then I'd have to go bowling. And I did. I desperately felt the need to go home to do homework ( I "felt" the need to do hw, not the same as feeling the want to do it) but the Niners friggen won. Fortunately I wasn't the loser out of both games, I was second loser. I hate being so awful at something as lame as bowling. I hate to be awful at something especially if I'm sober because then I don't have an excuse for being awful. The key is swinging a little slower. I would usually chuck the stupid ball down the lane and expect to knock down all the pins and 9 out of 10 the ball would hurl straight for the gutter. From the last time I went bowling with Peter and his bf Jump, my highest score was 30something. This time I got 80something. I bowled a strike when Peter told me to pretend the middle pin was McScumbag's face. I also bowled a gutter when he told me to pretend the middle pin was Killer's. Making me blush and shit. Not cool.

Anyways, it's 8:40pm, still haven't touched my hw. And at midnight me, peter and his bf jump are supposed to surprise Nat at her house with some vodka shots. Hopefully she doesn't read this.

Miss you.


Roaring 20's

In November, my best friend Melissa is turning 20. My other best friend Lalida is turning 21 next Tuesday. I've already turned 20. The 3 of us decided (not really Melissa because she goes to UC Berkeley and is busy like no other) to throw a 20's themed holiday party, probably around December 20.

I found pictures of this wedding and will be using the fabulous pictures as inspiration. =) STOKED. Oh, and of course everyone will have to dress up!