I'm currently taking this Creative Design Analysis and Collection Development class and I literally spend the entire week doing all the homework for this class. I don't understand how anyone could possibly take this class on top of a sewing glass or pattern making class. Too much work!

We're designing collections for Fall/Winter 2010, which means no this year, but next year. I'm excited. I like the colors, the silhouettes, the themes...I want this year to just pass over so I can start getting dressed for next year!

It's also confusing in school because we're always thinking and planning for the year ahead. My teacher said she embroidered silk pillows for all her grandchildren and accidentally stitched "Merry Christmas 2010". I keep thinking, ooh I need to shop for this coat and these black boots and wool trousers and oops, I forgot that I don't even own a bathing suit for THIS summer!

I'm starving, I've been at the UC Library since 12 and I refuse to leave until I finish my paper. Talk about pressure, my stomach is growling like mad.



I guess I realled effed up my Macbook because it's been at the GENIUS bar for nearly a week! I can't post the rest of MY photos, so I'm posting my sister's.

First night in Paris, fam pic.

Le Moulin Rouge!!!! We didn't get to watch, it cost 150 euros a person. I expect to go again with friends to watch. =)

The day after the Louvre, we went to Versailles. Heellllla crowded and I was NOT happy. I was most excited to see Versailles because I have a thing for doomed queens AND especially Marie Antoinette AND the film by Sofia Coppola AND the epic costume exhibit sponsored by Chanel; thank you Karl Lagerfeld! The line was sooo long to buy tickets and sooo long to get inside and every room was packed with people exploring! I hated it!

Me, my sister and a big-ass fireplace.

My homegirl! Isn't she beautiful!

Now, the costume exhibit didn't allow photographs and the exhibit book cost 52 euros! I would have purchased it anyway if it came in English! Only in French. =( We walked like, 2 miles to Le Petit Trianon (gosh, Versailles is seriously a bajillion acres of land...its own country) and there was a line for the gift shop...I would have purchased EVERYTHING with Marie Antoinette's face on it. All I got was a notebook the size of my Blackberry with the same Marie picture on it for 3 euros.

The last day of travels was mostly just...shopping. This is for Chefboyrdean, the greatest pastry shop in France! Laduree also provided all the pastries for Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette film. I go bananas for cute pastries.

Laduree has its own bar. Amazing.

Waiting in line...my heart was beating so fast...I was so excited!

Slowly reaching the little cakes...omg.

I purchased Le St. Honores, the pastry just to the left of those Lips pastries. Except that is the Mint Raspberry flavor (Start on the right side, and count down 7 rows, to be precise) I bought the rose flavored pastry, complete with soft pink frosting, a strawberry jam center, 3 mini flakey pastries and complete with a rose petal on top! The flavor of the frosting was sooo divine. It was very light and refreshing, with a subtle taste and scent of roses! Absolutely genius. It cost me 7.50 euros.

This is the box my rose pastry came in. So cute! If you deduct what the price of the cute packaging costs...the pastries don't sound too bad. =)

And of course, I had to get the famous macaroons! 22.80 euros for 13-15 pieces. Ouch, but I had to. The flavors were amazing! Lemon, Vanilla, Pistaccio, Raspberry, Chocolate, Cafe. The colors where beautiful. Unfortunately, they got slightly damaged in my backpack on the way home.

And of course we had to have wine. Sam's first legal time! And she didn't like it. I wished the wine selection here was as diverse and GOOD as it was in Paris. You could get a delicious bottle for 1 to 2 euros!

And that concludes the whole Paris trip. I'm not going to upload in detail Versaille or the Lourve because I suspect it would be dull and boring for anyone who hasn't gone and experienced Paris for real. Ta Ta!


lots of ideas, no time to follow thru

I'm at paddy's. Why is it so difficult to concentrate? Just because it's Friday?

I love paddy's. It's the last good thing in Union City. Wouldn't it be great if he could host a Union City Design Collective? Buy one drink for admission. Francis would do Film design(pics), BMB could do Sound design(music), Dean could do Palate design (foooood), and hopefully I could work my ass to do Garment design(clothes). Maybe a Verbal design(poetry), Canvas design(painting) etc. Us poor kids could sort of, get our name out, showcase what we got, maybe even sell some things to benefit something good here like that leisure services or club une, whatevers good.

I've already got orders from my mom's friend to make some basic tanks, but of course I'm NOT going to do "basic" shirts and have my name behind that. Its hard to have any physical and mental strength while being in schooool. I've also been asked to design the interior of the crepe shop I work at. Brick walls, antlers...gold...it'll be epic!

Gotta go...not very productive right now...

This is the worst Friday ever...

Once I finish this episode of Grey's Anatomy, I will be at Paddy's until...they kick me out.

[Creative Design Analysis and Collection Development]
Theme: Aubrey Beardsley
Subthemes: Flowers and Thorns
50 concept sketches
Trend report: silhouettes, styles, colors and relevence to my collection
-Where you want to take the company and why
-3 articles from fashion mag sources (WWD, Sportwear Int'l, etc)
Find 4-6 fabric swatches per subtheme
4-6 paint color chips
-Create a chart or trends from Fall 2010 presentation
-Time and Action Calendar for collection production
-Trend Board/collage

[Computer Aided Fashion Design II]
Attend lab Saturday 4/25 from 8 to 4
Finish fantasy animal hw on Photoshop CS3
Find and scan a vintage portrait

[Critical Thinking]
Continue reflection on current events in Thailand

[Industry Patterndrafting]
Check balance of torso blocks and basic sleeve patterns

whomp whomp whomp...


I miss France. =(

Today I went to Lucky's and they didn't sell prosciutto OR fresh mozzarella! The hell!

I whipped up a salad with what I could at stupid Lucky's. Romaine lettuce, canned corn, olives, cherry tomatoes, the type of mozzarella that's solid and wrapped in air tight plastic, peppered salami, yellow bell peppers, and onions.

Almost matched the PERFECT salad I had at the cafe in Versaille...almost.

Back to homework!


Paris, Day III

My dad doesn't help me with a lot of things, hence my independence. He also tends to help others before he helps me, hence my independence. And finally, out of all needed situations, out of all the times, out of all things, he decided to be helpful and brought my Macbook to the Apple store in BURLINGAME, whilst I have an Apple store in downtown San Francisco 10 steps away from my school. The one right off of Stockton/Market. He also gave the store MY phone number to have them notify me when my computer is fixed. I am NOT driving to Burlingame. That like, me asking for an accident to happen. He better go pick it up. =)

I DID drive to Livermore though! That was a feat in itself. Wheew, I loathe driving.

At least now on my dad's sucky ancient computer I have the rest of my Paris pictures, but the upload process is highly...annoying.

NVM. I'm going to wait for my Mac-y.


i am so uninspired.
union city is so far from school, the place of my productivity and resources.
i've been sitting here, watching a lord of the rings marathon because it i can't make my mind click.

i just started school and i know i'm back to doing homework the night before it's due.


Sorry for the hiatus again. I managed to crash my Macbook. I thought Macs were supposed to be invincible...guess not. A day later I started to use my dad's old Compaq laptop and I crashed that too.

I have pictures from Versailles that I have yet to post. I wore my black riding boots through the mud there :) My mom asked, "Why don't you wash those off?" To which I replied, "These boots are covered with royal mud. No way".

Yesterday, Janice and I went to the Livermore Film Festival and watched How to Be. Amazing film with hidden meanings by the use of space and lighting. Amazing soundtrack, amazing acting. Robert Pattinson was perfectly awkward. After the screening there was a Q and A with the director and writer/composer.Overall the experience was really fun and intimite. I wish I could attend/afford every film festival.

I'm sort of employed by Le Moose cafe. Crepes, smoothies, sandwiches, salads. Look it up on Yelp and visit tonight after 6pm! In 4 weeks the cafe will shut down for renovations in which the place will be transformed into a French/Thai fusion tapas restaurant.


Paris, Day 2

On the way to the Metro

The billboards in the metro have ornate, tile borders.

Reaching the Louvre!

No talking on cell phones!

No food or drink!

No flash photography!

Speak softly!

No touching!

No running!

Many of the paintings were HUGE, and I could rarely navigate the crowds to get good pictures.

The most famous celebrity in the world!

Security around the Mona Lisa

The crowd surrounding the Mona Lisa


I want to throw a dinner party like this =)

And then my camera died. We only spent like, 4 hours at the Louvre when in reality, you need a week to cover the entire museum. It was still just as amazing!