This is the worst Friday ever...

Once I finish this episode of Grey's Anatomy, I will be at Paddy's until...they kick me out.

[Creative Design Analysis and Collection Development]
Theme: Aubrey Beardsley
Subthemes: Flowers and Thorns
50 concept sketches
Trend report: silhouettes, styles, colors and relevence to my collection
-Where you want to take the company and why
-3 articles from fashion mag sources (WWD, Sportwear Int'l, etc)
Find 4-6 fabric swatches per subtheme
4-6 paint color chips
-Create a chart or trends from Fall 2010 presentation
-Time and Action Calendar for collection production
-Trend Board/collage

[Computer Aided Fashion Design II]
Attend lab Saturday 4/25 from 8 to 4
Finish fantasy animal hw on Photoshop CS3
Find and scan a vintage portrait

[Critical Thinking]
Continue reflection on current events in Thailand

[Industry Patterndrafting]
Check balance of torso blocks and basic sleeve patterns

whomp whomp whomp...

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