I want to go to India. This first picture is absolutely breathtaking...all the colors...it makes me want to update my room again!Lots to do...

It took me a while to explain to my mom that I was graduating THIS September. She couldn't grasp the idea.

This weekend is a dinner party for my big bruddah Golfy, who shook things up at SF State and booked his first solo art show!

Sunday is a temple meeting at Berkeley.

June 2nd, Registering for my last quarter at Fidm!

Then, Golfy's art show...CHECK IT OUT! It's titled, "Only for Pretend". June 6th at My Trick Pony.

June 7th is the Fremont Temple Board Meeting where some homies and I will be updating the parents about Berkeley temple's situation and Project Michelle.

June 13th is my sister's high school graduation and I planned the theme: Southern Hospitality. Yummmm. I will starve myself for 2 days prior just so I can eat on the day of the party. I've started to draft a menu...how am I going to do this AND finals...

June 19th, community service for my ticket ahhh.

I have a dance preformance with the Fremont Thai Temple on June 20th. I'm doing two dances and I haven't learned anything. Well, maybe a minutes worth of movement. Great. What's even worse is that I don't finish school until the day before. And then the music teacher wants me to help accompany the little kids so I have to learn a couple songs. WHERE are the rest of the older kids!

June 27th I'm heading down to Santa Monica to watch Trailer Music LIVE! with Max =)

Hopefully right after I'm going to Taiwan to see my bestest friend in the whole wide worrrld, Vivian. =) Hopefully. Break just disappeared.

At the beginning of July I need to prepare for a Berkeley City Council Meeting to defend the Berkeley Thai Temple. Check out www.savethethaitemple.com. Okaay, so the neighbors call the temple a McDonalds...how offensive.

Also preparing for an event for Project Michelle, NOTHING is confirmed yet...no actual date, venue, performers, ANYTHING...but a tentative date is the second week of July ahhhh! My head is going to explode!

I start my final quarter at Fidm on July 8th. Ahhhh.

I wish school was over; I'd like to invest my time into other things please!


The end of our innocence.

A big part of me will always love you and and want you as my own, but now I understand.


New Collection...

While most of you are starting your summer break, I'm starting my second collection. That means I'm only halfway through school.

We're working on a Spring 2011 collection, which is ridiculous because no trend forecasting resource that we have access to is working on any research for 2011...they haven't even finalized Fall 2010 research yet! (That won't be done until Feb 2010)

I decided to look up movies, and I found out a movie based on a Marvel Comic called "Thor" should be released by May 2011. Chris Hemsworth is the lead, he played James Kirk's papa in Star Trek.

Thor is a Norse god, son of Odin, which coincidentally, was the theme of a colorguard show my sophomore year. So I guess my theme will be about vikings.
I titled it Divinity, and the subthemes are Wisdom and Growth, based off Thor's parents Odin and Jord. Wisdom will take on a rustic antiquity and the colors are earthy with rich blues. Growth is obviously youthful and the color palette is natural with greens and other warm colors. Here are some theme pictures.

I'm figuring how or if I should incorporate actual Viking paintings into my collage or if I should leave the themes as abstract....


Project Michelle Plans!

This is extremely early in talks but I think I'm starting to pull together a sort of Art Collective! 


My previous plan involved just the artists getting their names out, my new plan involves doing everything for Michelle and her project.

Michelle, from Project Michelle, relapsed AGAIN. Michelle is so brave and so optimistic; she ALWAYS has a smile on her face and it makes me worry because I fear that the public just eats up her 1,000 watt smile and forget that she's STILL fighting this disease that can KILL her.

Amidst her fight against Leukemia, she was out getting people to register as bone marrow donors to help OTHER cancer patients! How epic is that?! She deserves the world. She got over 18,000 donors in 2 years!!!!! On Facebook I used to write stupid updates like, "I have hella homework, fml" and it's so easy to forget that other people are hoping and praying for their life one day at a time! I'm so stupid. It almost sounds ridiculous, but I want this event to be a big deal because Michelle is a big deal and she deserves a big deal. She is the most deserving person I have ever known.

My partner in crime Suwanna has already been in contact with Gabe Bondoc and Quest Crew who were so down for some good charity work. We just need to follow up. I've been in contact with Supreme Soul, those lovely gents. I'm working on Kaba Modern and Jabbawockeez. My sister Sam offered her band friends. Dear Francis, can we borrow your photography services? Dean, can I pay you for a cake? Andrew, can you screen print or design a flyer or something? I can reimburse you for any supplies!!! To anyone that reads this, if you would love to help or offer any services, just hit me up and make sure you stay up to date with ProjectMichelle.com!!!!

LOVE LIFE, panda


i will be blind by the end of this week

All of my homework this week is computer stuff. Computer stuff is so annoying.

I will be completing my portfolio for my first collection (fall/winter 2009. Editing most of my flats, developing a lace pattern, designing layouts and graphics, illustrating 2 fashion figures...arg...

For computer aided fashion design II I have to develop 5 seamless patterns which involve shitloads of editing to make them...seamless...

And let's not forget I have to start my second collection, so that's a total of 32 more garment flats back and front.

I figured that if I pace myself with 6-7 flats a day, I might have time to sleep and/or shower.
"I've been doing photoshop for 20 years and there's still things I haven't discovered. I can't teach you everything, you have to explore on your own. But of course, Fidm students don't have time to explore, they don't even have time for sleep or sex"
-my CAFD II teacher


Overheard in New York

Hobo to bunch of hipster teenagers in line for a show: Is this the line for a shelter?
Teenagers: No.
Mini hipster girl, after he goes away: Oh, hell no. Did he just think I was homeless? I'm wearing fucking American Apparel.

Mom: First it will be spring, then summer, then time for you to go to kindergarten.
Four-year-old boy: Will there be nice kids there?
Mom: Are there nice kids at your day care now?
Four-year-old boy: Yeees...
Mom: You're the only bad kid at day care.
Four-year-old boy: I knooow!

Earth chick on cell: I had meditation and yoga class today. So, if you're coming over tonight we have to have spiritual sex.

Heavily made-up girl: Do you think retarded people are, like, conceptually aware that they're retarded?

Female shopper to Bloomingdale's cologne sprayer: Don't you dare spray your $30 over my $150.

Rich teen: I asked my mom to go to Louis Vuitton with me this weekend and she was like, "we're in a recession, let's go to Dolce."

Gay man: Oh my god, look!
Gayer man: What? That dead baby or those shoes?
Gay man: Yeah, the shoes.


Dandy Manifesto

I am definitely a summer person. No school, vacation, sun, long nights, heat...but I never have anything to wear. I hate the cold weather, but it's always easier to dress when the weather is cooler. Here are some of my favorite trends for Fall/Winter 09-10.



The world of books, writing, manuscripts, calligraphy and coded language. A theme combining the somewhat stuffy elegance of the Oscar Wilde style dandies with a bohemian, more modern, poetic, “artist” spirit. An androgynous silhouette: chic and decadent for a look both outdated yet contemporary.

A dark, shady range in a variety of inky tones. Touches of color electrify the palette. And to tone it all down: white and taupy or grayed shades.

Experimental, audacious make-up borrows from Dadaism, typography and photo-montage.

Two palettes co-exist: the first explores paper, whiteness and material effects, while the second, darker range is inspired by ink, pencil, charcoal and graphite.

Men’s supple, ultra-fine worsted wools in the spirit of Savile Row tailors
Stripes used with subtlety: discreet banker’s stripes, stippled chalk stripes, tuxedo pants emphasized with a band of tone-on-tone satin. A graphic spirit borrowed from the wide stripes of club ties or men’s satin waistcoats
Fluid fabrics, heavily drapey silks: crêpe, crêpe georgette, chiffon
Delicate lace and embroidered tulles
Jacquards and tapestry-style weaves are inspired by the elaborate covers of old books

Key Women’s’ Products
Redingote-coats. Short 2-in-1 jackets (jacket + waistcoat). Little men’s waistcoats.
Cigarette-legged pants and darted cropped pants.
Striped shirts or with plastrons, shirttails, with scarves and lavallières.
Cardigans. With tailored collars, belted, Jacquard
Oversized jackets
Skintight miniskirts in stretch cotton with rock details: zips, buckles, insets
Lace tops and dresses.

Key Men’s Products
Tuxedo spirit, fitted cuts, in a sportswear mood
Short coats in little English checks, basket weaves, tweed. Duffle-coats
Historical military coats: engraved ball buttons and double-breasted
Prints: checks and flowers for hunting jackets, waistcoats and tapered pants.
Riding jackets, short, buttoned and fitted.

Women: lambskin gloves. Textile shoes, decorated pumps, with patent or gimped and perforated toes. Material mixes for bags: skins, crocodile, and natural leather
Men: caps inspired by riding hats. Tartan ties. Military and riding boots. Checked Borsalinos.


Long Weekend!

Boy, what a week! 

I basically spent the entire week perfecting this ONE homework assignment for ONE class! It was also on Friday, so what a treat it was once it was all over. I rushed back home and got ready to take Nikko out for his birthday!

Nikko drove; I would have offered to treat him with a chauffeured ride but me driving to the city is like asking for a death sentence. We ate at Hard Knoxx Cafe. Delish! I had 3-piece fried chicken with mac and cheese and collard greens. The chicken was amazing, yummy fried batter and juicy white meat. The mac and cheese was very heavy and creamy...still really good but only in small portions. The collard greens were kinda disappointing. I had only had them once before (homemade) and the greens at the restaurant were bland and bitter. Nikko got spare ribs with mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. They served their drinks in those kind of glass jars with handles...I got Arnold Palmer and Nikko got lemonade. I love good food.

Afterwards we had planned to go to Revolution Cafe but it was packed to the max! Very much like a French cafe with people crammed side-by-side and people standing in the walkways so we just called it a night. Bhi Bhiman was performing and it kinda looked like everyone was much to drunk and not paying any attention to him. 

Saturday, Nikko and I headed to CAL for Relay for Life! I was there for Team Michelle! The weather was pretty sucky, and I made a bad decision of wearing my most comfortable shoes...which were MESH tennis shoes. My socks got completely soaked. Relay for Life was so fun, every hour there was entertainment and food. Lots of food. Paul Mitchell students did free makeovers and they cut hair (only for donation). I initially thought there was only going to be a few of us for Team Michelle but the team captain got her business frat and sorority to join. Total, I walked the track for 4-5 hours straight. I had to leave unfortunately because of my mom's birthday...I would have loved to camp out overnight =(. 

My mom's birthday was really chill and intimate which is probably why she wanted me to go...because a lot of her friends were busy with work so there was only a couple of us. We basically had a lot of sushi and wine and we watched the bootleg of Wolverine with the incomplete special effects.

I've finally got my Macbook back with all my hard-drive back to...empty. I didn't back up anything. My music, pictures (trips, LA, old friends...), movies, programs (Microsoft office, limewire, bit torrents), and documents. The major document I'm most bummed about was my resume which was such a pain in the ass to do. I'm a dummy for not backing anything up...I had so much faith in my Mac. adfjslkfdghlsdkfgh