I want to go to India. This first picture is absolutely breathtaking...all the colors...it makes me want to update my room again!Lots to do...

It took me a while to explain to my mom that I was graduating THIS September. She couldn't grasp the idea.

This weekend is a dinner party for my big bruddah Golfy, who shook things up at SF State and booked his first solo art show!

Sunday is a temple meeting at Berkeley.

June 2nd, Registering for my last quarter at Fidm!

Then, Golfy's art show...CHECK IT OUT! It's titled, "Only for Pretend". June 6th at My Trick Pony.

June 7th is the Fremont Temple Board Meeting where some homies and I will be updating the parents about Berkeley temple's situation and Project Michelle.

June 13th is my sister's high school graduation and I planned the theme: Southern Hospitality. Yummmm. I will starve myself for 2 days prior just so I can eat on the day of the party. I've started to draft a menu...how am I going to do this AND finals...

June 19th, community service for my ticket ahhh.

I have a dance preformance with the Fremont Thai Temple on June 20th. I'm doing two dances and I haven't learned anything. Well, maybe a minutes worth of movement. Great. What's even worse is that I don't finish school until the day before. And then the music teacher wants me to help accompany the little kids so I have to learn a couple songs. WHERE are the rest of the older kids!

June 27th I'm heading down to Santa Monica to watch Trailer Music LIVE! with Max =)

Hopefully right after I'm going to Taiwan to see my bestest friend in the whole wide worrrld, Vivian. =) Hopefully. Break just disappeared.

At the beginning of July I need to prepare for a Berkeley City Council Meeting to defend the Berkeley Thai Temple. Check out www.savethethaitemple.com. Okaay, so the neighbors call the temple a McDonalds...how offensive.

Also preparing for an event for Project Michelle, NOTHING is confirmed yet...no actual date, venue, performers, ANYTHING...but a tentative date is the second week of July ahhhh! My head is going to explode!

I start my final quarter at Fidm on July 8th. Ahhhh.

I wish school was over; I'd like to invest my time into other things please!

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kel said...

If/when you are in Santa Monica...hit me up darling seeing as it's 'along the way'!

I can't believe that I graduate June 20th! AH!!