Project Michelle Plans!

This is extremely early in talks but I think I'm starting to pull together a sort of Art Collective! 


My previous plan involved just the artists getting their names out, my new plan involves doing everything for Michelle and her project.

Michelle, from Project Michelle, relapsed AGAIN. Michelle is so brave and so optimistic; she ALWAYS has a smile on her face and it makes me worry because I fear that the public just eats up her 1,000 watt smile and forget that she's STILL fighting this disease that can KILL her.

Amidst her fight against Leukemia, she was out getting people to register as bone marrow donors to help OTHER cancer patients! How epic is that?! She deserves the world. She got over 18,000 donors in 2 years!!!!! On Facebook I used to write stupid updates like, "I have hella homework, fml" and it's so easy to forget that other people are hoping and praying for their life one day at a time! I'm so stupid. It almost sounds ridiculous, but I want this event to be a big deal because Michelle is a big deal and she deserves a big deal. She is the most deserving person I have ever known.

My partner in crime Suwanna has already been in contact with Gabe Bondoc and Quest Crew who were so down for some good charity work. We just need to follow up. I've been in contact with Supreme Soul, those lovely gents. I'm working on Kaba Modern and Jabbawockeez. My sister Sam offered her band friends. Dear Francis, can we borrow your photography services? Dean, can I pay you for a cake? Andrew, can you screen print or design a flyer or something? I can reimburse you for any supplies!!! To anyone that reads this, if you would love to help or offer any services, just hit me up and make sure you stay up to date with ProjectMichelle.com!!!!

LOVE LIFE, panda


andrew said...



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