I'm am so freaking lazy. It's about 1:45am and my suitcase is completely empty. I have to wake up at 6am, leave my house at 7am, hop on a plane at 9am, arrive at SNA at 10am.

I'm very excited to get to Los Angeles but it still doesn't motivate me enough to start packin'.

Today was the Save the Thai Temple hearing and thank goodness I didn't have to talk. I hate public speaking which is why I signed up for design so I could be a creative introvert but I feel like I get sucked up into a lot of speeches!

Anyways all this hearing stuff was a lot of hard work and there were some things the council members suggested we improve on like a separate garbage can for food scraps and encouraging more patrons to take BART, walk, bike, or carpool.

It was really funny that only one complainant, just ONE neighbor, attended and introduced himself stating "Unfortunately I am the only one able to attend on behalf of the neighbors because everyone else had an emergency or children" LOL. "An emergency or children". ok.

So, we won 9-0 (EPIC) then went to a Thai restaurant to celebrate. Apparently, the head monk of the Berkeley temple had an insider to find out and tell him where we were going to celebrate so that the temple could foot the bill. It felt really awkward since we ordered LOADS of food, fried banana ice cream, lots of thai tea/coffee....and the temple paid for all of it!

sdjkfhisdhfksdf back to packing! It's 2am ahfskdjfhskl

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