My Living Legend

I'm working on a playlist for my sister's grad party which is a lot of work. As you may know, I lost EVERYTHING on my computer so I've had to go digging thru my dad's old CD's to find some blues. I've also been downloading like crazy from the internet.

One of my favoritest blues musicians is Buddy Guy. A long time ago I saw him in an issue of the Rolling Stones' "100 Greatest Guitar Players of All Time" and they noted him for playing guitar with drumsticks and I was like, wtf? I fell in love with him; he's this old grandpa-dude with killer style, back in the day even Hendrix would cancel his own shows to watch Buddy's concerts, he's 73 years old, alive-and-kickin' with 36 concerts this year, and in this video he's shrieking and wailing about the blues and it kinda makes me wish I was blue ALL THE TIME. =) Check out 4:40 = AWESOME.

He has a concert in Saratoga on August 15th...*winkwink* birthday gift! I need to see all my favorite old musicians before they die. I remember my mom refused to let me see Carlos Santana (he's not that old) in Concord because she figured every concert-goer would be smoking weed, which is true, but honestly, I think great music comes from a drugged-up musician. (Hendrix, Beatles, Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, etc). Sad, but true, agree?

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