I finished the Twilight Series. I cleared all 4 "Harry Potter Sized" books in a week. The books were very emotional, which is probably why I felt so slow while reading them. I'm not going to give anything away...

I start school tomorrow. I dropped my Friday class because I hate being in school on Fridays. My sleeping schedule is terrifying. The past couple days I've been sleeping at 4am and waking up between 12pm - 2pm. Tonight I am most likely going to take nighttime cold medicine in hopes of knocking out before midnight.

This Saturday is also a family friend's wedding. Im excited! I love weddings, and although this one will be at the temple, the groom asked that everyone dress up for the occassion.  The groom also asked my parents to kind of play the part of "acting parents" when he went to the bride's house to ask her parents for a blessing. Anyways, I really enjoy Thai weddings because they tie a sort of, holy thread around the head of the groom, connecting the thread to loop around the head of the bride. It symbolizes a meeting of minds, two souls becoming one..it's very romantic, in a subtle way...since Thai people are pretty conservative with the whole love deal. 

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