Smoking is very bad for you!

I want these kind of boots. Vivian found some great, tuscan red boots off ebay...I have no idea how to search for them! I hope to come across a pair at Thrift Town...

I love everything about these combinations. The leather, the black-on-black-on-black, the slouchy/eased leggings, the architectural construction. I don't know about wearing all black for fun, but I definitely enjoyed the events I worked at in LA where all-black was required. You pay so much more attention to detail when you're forbidden from wearing prints or colors; it's exciting! Black just breathes authority.

iPhone cupcakes! I want to make these for someone's birthday. Most likely Peter's but I might go to Coachella!!! EEE! And I will definitely replace the yucky fondant for icing. I hate fondant.

Boat shoes and loafers. Nikko got so many high-quality pairs from Thrift Town =(. I can't find a single pair in my size.


I just found out one of my most favorite, erratic teachers is ONLY 6 years older than my dad. I thought she was much, much older. She did say that she smoked 2 packs a day. So kids, don't smoke. You get prune lips too. And the hacking, disgusting cough. 

Now that I'm 19, my parents opening my mail is obviously a federal offense. Not that I would take it to court or anything, but I am a very...I don't know the word. Something like, if you underestimate my responsibility, then I'll do exactly what you think. My mom nags me to clean my room or wash the dishes and I won't do it. When my parents are on vacation, I can clean the entire house by myself, sometimes for fun. When my parents open my mail and bills, I lose all responsibility of handling payments or calling who I need to call. If I open my own mail, I take full responsibility and it becomes a serious priority.

Can't wait to move out!

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