She Keeps Her Pot With Her Tampons?!

I'm bored and I really miss Killer and I'm bored of my online work so here are a couple random thoughts and complaints of today before I do a post of my epic Wednesday through Today.

1.) I HATE Walmart. I hate how it's as busy as zoo, their generic, mass produced products of super low quality, the fat, ugly, poorly dressed people that shop there, the people that drive like assholes in the parking lot.

2.) Indians are awful drivers. Yes, you can group all the Asians together and call them all bad drivers but I can single out Indians as the worst. I swear they hook each other up at DMV because somehow at every DMV all the people working the counters are Indian.

3.) My sister thinks she's a giant or something large and not capable of being able to sit in the backseat of the Civic. You're fucking 5'4''. Get over yourself.

4.) I eat strange food. I hate bacon and pork in general but one thing I really like is pâté. It's about as strange and ugly and mysterious as the ingredients of Spam or Vienna Sausage and I just really think it tastes good. Strangely enough, pâté fits under the description of "fine European cuisine".

5.) I didn't know about the side, overlap flap thingy in mens underwear. Throughout my 2 years at fashion school I always thought that it was just an asymmetrical design. Nope, it's obviously for their peepee's, but still, pajama pants have mock fly fronts.

6.) I'm a loser. I'm broke and my boyfriend left for Irvine and I'm not drinking until I turn 21. I don't care to waste my precious gas to hang out with people I don't care too much about and hanging out with the people here usually involves drinking.

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