Every day I find myself slacking off a little more with my online job. It really is dull and through the internet I find so many wonderful things that distract me! From wedding ideas, plane tickets, new shoes, hotels, diy projects, ffffound...I even catch myself looking for new work during the time that I'm supposed to be working!

I came across the blog of this girl I used to see around the temple. She's one of the older generation kids, having graduated from UCLA in '06 which is way outta my age league. She couldn't find a job so she went backpacking with friends through New Zealand and a bunch of other countries all around the world.

She bungee jumped at this spot in NZ which is the 2nd or 3rd highest bungee place in the world. I admire how quick she was to jump! No hesitation.


Her blog is easy to read, she's adventurous, athletic, funny...and there's a blog entry about her and her friends climbing onto the roof "Jason Bourne style" to dry clothing that was hand-washed in their bathtub.

She also kept up with a regular "FOOD PORN" post =P

To Killer, she got to swim with a pod of wild dolphins. I'm jealous too.

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