Dear Killer, we MUST find this meal. I love the tater tots in a pot and milkshake in a beaker. So cool!

This morning on the drive to work, my mom is trying to get into the carpool lane and mutters under her breath "Stupid lady in the carpool lane, I hope you get arrested." Eventually, that lady speeds up a little, giving room for mom to merge into the carpool lane, and there I tell her "Mom, she's got an infant in the backseat". Whomp Whomp. Crazy Asian Mother.

We're finally getting our own tables and SPACE at the office. My supervisor is looking at desks at Ikea. No more folding tables! I hope that eventually they get me and my fellow photo editor get iMacs because Photoshopping on my little MacBook screen is very annoying.


Very very rarely I find a song I like on the radio. Right now it's Unthinkable (I'm Ready) - Alicia Keys ft. Drake. Alicia Keys is pretty much the only female on the mainstream radio that can sing and play an instrument aka an actual ARTIST, not a performer. I can't even nominate Keri Hilson who sounds like shit live.

K, time to head to work!

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