Alright Now.

It's nearly 3:30am and I've been watching Titanic on tv. Can't remember the precise year it came out but I do remember being in elementary school and during talent show auditions plenty of girls wanted to sing My Heart Will Go On. Leonardo is kinda sketchy as far as his acting skillz in this movie. Sometimes he's believable and sometimes he's bland. I won't pull out any jokes as far as the men that built the ship that sank but I will say that I will NEVER take a cruise anywhere cold. Doesn't look like fun. Especially if it sank. I also recall my mom telling me to never forget that the Carpathia was the ship that rescued the Titanic's leftovers. I never did forget that little fact, and I could have won $1000 on an episode of Jeopardy.

One of my pretty good friends from high school is a dance major at SJ State and I came across a couple of photos on FB of her doing leaps and extensions and now I'm actually kind of jealous because I can't do any of that shit anymore! Our flexibility and athleticism sorta matched throughout our colorguard careers in high school but she's totally overlapping me now. I haven't stretched properly since junior year of hs! Now that I think about it, we were very competitive; she could totally outrun me in distance, but I was a better sprinter. We were accepted to the World Guard Flagline the same year (Sophomore year = above average!). Our flag skills were similar, dance skills...we competed in pushups against the boys and stretches and remembering correct flag counts. Cracked all our tosses, got the same bruises, etc. We both quit after our junior year (lame new instructor who was a bitch) and the flagline was seriously left with a hugggeee gaping hole of seasoned members. No lie, we were that good! Eventually our "tough girl" personalities clashed as we were roommates during Championships (funny bc I think I am the lamest personality now) and I made her cry. Haha. I could also out-snowboard her too. As tough as she was, and more muscular than I, she was crippled and injured ALL the time. Weaksauce.

I've been trying to sew all week but it's hard with a little monster running around. I also couldn't iron or steam any clothing without him jumping on my back. He doesn't understand what "No" means. I really don't know how else to discipline a child because he's just so cute, he cries for about 5 seconds before stopping, he has the most adorable laugh, but he REALLY doesn't listen to anyone. When he sorta get's on my nerves I threaten him with "Alright, you gotta go see grandpa now" he whines and begs "NO! I'll be good! I promise!!! I'm good!" HAHA. I can't spank him either. OMG, and whenever me and Sam would leave the house, he would whine at us to come back and give him a hug before heading out the door. Ugh, kids. I think I almost hooked him up with Emerald at the temple ahaha. He got so shy around her and kept looking back at her when we left.

Ahhh crap I need to send Killer's gift soon! Time flieessss.

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