I am finally done with school. Hoorah! Finally going to hang out with my MNM's...I can't believe L already has to go back to school on Saturday and I haven't gone on my real vacation yet!

I have no idea what I'm going to do once I grad this September. My initial idea was to go to Ohlone but I can't bc I graduate two weeks after the Fall semester starts. I guess I can do the makeup program at Kryolan for a bit. Maybe find some work...haha.

Tonight, causing ruckus with T. Tomorrow, lunch with MNM and watching Tokyo! at the Lumiere with R and co.This weekend, possibly zip-lining in Reno or bbq with S. Once I get home I need to post the trailer for this film "Hunger", about the last 6 weeks of Bobby Sands and the hunger strike in Ireland. Stunning cinematography. That's what happens when an artist turns over to film. Steve McQueen is the man; his directorial debut as well.

K I'm in UC now, bye!

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