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I don't think I had a conversation with any human being today that lasted over 5 minutes in its entirety which is why I'm blogging myself to death. My mom had dad. My sister had her soon-to-be-new-boyfriend. My grandma had her Thai soap operas. And Nikko has Ryan.

I went and did some homework at the Fremont library today. I love it. Union City's is sooo old and ancient. I don't mind the drive either because A.) Thrift Town is in the area and B.) Gas is down to $1.99 there as opposed to $2.05 here.

I checked out 7 Criterion Collection films from the library, after getting myself a new card. The computer system actually had my old information from like..1997(?) so my new card counted as a "renewal" and I had to pay a dollar. 

The DVD collection isn't very impressive. There's a substantial amount of Criterions which was indeed very impressive, a handful of films I've actually heard of, and random others that I haven't. The loan period is one week and there's no dvd limit, but seriously, how many dvd's could you possible watch and mentally process in a week? I was surprised that they had an entire row on the shelf dedicated to Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (ancient show with Jane Seymore) on dvd. First, I had no idea that people would continue to watch the show once it stopped airing on tv which was most definitely before the invention of dvd's, nor did I think any sort of production company would go through all the effort and money spent to reproduce all seasons of Dr. Quinn on dvd. You would think that they would at least have Sailor Moon on dvd. Even Spice World was reserved on VHS. Balls.

Today I watched Short Cuts (1993) by Robert Altman. Amaaaazing film. Over 20 featured characters sooo well-developed that you don't get confused/mixed up. Naturalistic acting set in a dull, suburban Los Angeles. Some films with 4 or 5 characters you get jumbled so this is character developement at its best. Very young and handsome Robert Downey Jr. as a cinematic makeup student, Julianne Moore as a painter, Jennifer Jason Leigh as a young mom/phone sex prostitute (she was amazing, if I was any sort of actress I could NEVER play her part seriously), and my ultimate favorite was Annie Ross as the moody, smooth-talkin' Jazz Club singer. My two favorite lines came from her character.

"I hate LA. All they do is snort coke and talk."
I kinda have to improvise this one, I forgot...
"This song is dedicated to the man that lost his mind through the little hole in his arm."

P.S. I went to Thrift Town and bought this chair for $20. It's pretty clean, just dusty. It's giving me allergies.

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