Da Da Dumb

For my Survey of Western Art II class, we have an assignment due next Monday where we create an art piece in the style of Dadaism. Dadaism is a joke, literally. It was created by those hardcore dudes who believed in anti-art, that art shouldn't have to follow all the classic, traditional styles, that it's kind of a "laugh at your face" kinda thing. It's hard to explain, so here are some pictures of works by Marcel Duchamp.

"The Fountain". It's actually a urinal. (Haha.)

He also took a copy of the Mona Lisa and drew a mustache and goatee on her. Since the big mystery of the Mona Lisa is her curious smile/frown, Duchamp wanted to reveal that "duh, she's actually a man."

I have no idea what to do. I have a feeling I may need to turn to drugs to dumb myself down in order to create something clever. Or I could just play this video for my class...

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