Somethin Like a Phenomenon Baby.

I had the most marvelous weekend which consisted of marvelous nothings with my marvelous boyfriend.
Friday, he arrived at my house armed with a mini screwdriver thingy and fixed my magnifying glasses so now I feel slightly obligated to wear them. He likes them. And I feel as if the sun were to ever shine through the lenses I could burn my corneas out.

We headed out to Le Moose after where we shared a Strawberry Delight crepe and baby Nikhil. Nikhil is the little 1 yr old son of the owner and I guess they kind of just let him run around. He's starting to mumble cute baby gibberish so now I get to have chats with him. He's definitely warming up. About a month ago, he was really uncomfortable around people that weren't his mom or dad. I drove home, we watched the Simpsons Movie and did all sorts of lazy around the house. I think I beat him at Jeopardy too. =)

Saturday, I made the drive out to Roseville. I always underestimate my driving skills and overall awareness of my surroundings but I did well, haha. I kinda got lost, but I fixed it so that doesn't count as lost. I just went the wrong way. I somehow ended up on the 50 which leads to South Lake Tahoe. It was hilarious because after passing Sacramento, I was seeing plenty of signage but none of them were telling me where to go. His house ended up sitting somewhere inbetween the 80 and the 50 so I was sort of traveling the same distance but coming in from the opposite side. Thank goodness for Google Maps.

Roseville is a really nice place with that "hometown" feel that I had only previously felt from visiting my dad's old hometown in Pennsylvania. Living in LA and coming back to my house in Union City always felt weird, especially because my room was converted to a storage closet and in general the area has gotten more ghetto. Union City is stuck in this funky transition. It's supposed to be a nice suburban area; it's just the people that make it ghetto. All these gangsters hang out in the parking lot by Jamba Juice and Krispy Kreme...IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. TGIFriday's has become the new bar scene. Kids get shot everywhere. I'm trying to find out where I can picture myself living and it's definitely not Union City.

Anyways, got lunch with Killer and his Mom, watched The Brothers Bloom WHICH WAS REALLY GOOD. In the trailer, Rachel Weisz as Penelope looked like an awfully dull/fake actress but in the film you learn that that's what her character is like. I just re-watched the trailer to remind myself why I thought it looked like a dumb movie (trailer doesn't do Rachel justice). There were all these little things in the film between Penelope and Bloom (Adrien Brody) that went along perfectly with the jokes me and Killer poke at each other. In fact we were literally poking each other during the film when something familiar came up haha. Anyways, there's the director's commentary featured on the website that you can dl and listen to as the movie plays and I think I might want to do that.

Lounged around his house, got some sushi for dinner, toured Roseville's new shopping plaza which reminded me of The Grove, and begged Time to move slower. Didn't listen. =( I left his house around 11pm and he kept me company on the phone while I drove back. I was in Roseville for nearly 12 hours and time just FLEW. No fair.

Killer's mom really likes me, which is great. I didn't do anything to make her not like me but I feel like "Yay, I pass!" Killer told me that his parents are just happy that he's found someone that makes him happy and I wish that was the case with my parents. I think with any daughter parents are going to be more protective but Killer is someone they know. Or maybe not. I'm definitely not worried about Pops though, he just wants a snowboard and beer buddy. I'm more than sure Mom thinks Killer is still the same 15 yr. old hooligan that she had to threaten to "confisticate" a Zippo lighter from back in 2004.

Miss you.

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