Bored In Da Club

I remember doing this on xanga and how cryptic everyone would try to be with what they wrote. I think this should be easy to figure out.

10 things you could say to 10 different people right now…

1. On top of being sooo kind, generous, reliable, sweet....you are definitely one of the funnest people to be around. Laughing at/with you makes my stomach hurt. We got super close on the NY trip that almost didn't happen and I CANNOT WAIT for our next adventure.

2. I'm really astonished (in a good way) with how grown, mature, intelligent, hardworking, and positive you are. I may have had a wee, little bit to do with your growth, but only just a little bit. You're young, but one of the most amazing people I know. PS, take cold medicine or slow yourself down. You're trying to save the world and you're only 80 lbs.

3. Here's the deal. It felt like my world ended when I let you go for the better. And you wasted it. I don't want to talk to you...yet. Maybe later.

4. One day you'll make sense to me. One day I'll be proud of you. I may even admire you, respect you, do anything for you, but for now you prove nothing to me. You're just lazy and too mean. I want to learn to love you but I don't think I have a reason to.

5I love you. Too much. Funny how we both figured NOTHING would happen between us and 5 years later you've become my everything. I don't understand why/how I used to swoop in and out of your life bc now I can't imagine what'd it be like if you swooped out of mine. It's so easy to love you. I'm so gay for you, you make me gooey and sick and cheesy. You're so wonderful it makes me want to vomit. I was sposed to be the tough girl, but I'm glad I'm not anymore.

6 We've gotten really close this past year and I can't tell if you're like my older brother or not. You call me "lil sis" sometimes but I feel older than you haha.I DO tell you what to do most of the time, I'm the boss.

7. You are selfless, sooo hardworking, intelligent, driven, loving, caring, EVERYTHING that makes up a BEAUTIFUL, young woman. What you don't understand is that you are BEAUTIFUL on the outside. Stop hiding under those loose shirts and trousers! Let me dress you!

8.I miss you so much. I didn't know I could completely admire and adore and know what a best friend felt like until I met you. And now you're halfway around the world.

9. You were the bestest roommate ever. Kind, generous, CHILL, and you even put up with my consistent complaints about hw. I hope we reunite one day.

10. You get another because you're that special. If you decide to go, I will be more proud than sad. All I ask is that you try your hardest to make it back to me.

9 things people may not know about you

1. When I find a new favorite song, I can usually spend the entire day with it on repeat.
2. I HATE being in school with a passion. I really like working FOR a school though. Gah, I always have to be weird.
3. I don't believe in God or fate or destiny. I used to believe in a hint of all of the above, but I figured I was giving myself an excuse for the things I didn't want/was too scared to control.
4. I actually LOVE working myself til I collapse from exhaustion. As in doing WORK, not the gym or homework. That stuff is torture.
5. I couldn't imagine myself getting mugged/raped/beaten. I have to win all the time. I will kick them in the nuts, pull hair, kick shins, elbow heads, poke eyes...I HAVE to get away
6. I'm really shy, but coordinating/organizing/BOSSING other people around to get the job done is the only time I feel brave. Or when I've got something nice on.
7. I've got a liver of steel and I think it is the most unattractive thing everrr.
8. I was surprised that I still maintained friendships once I got my braces on. I feel ugly most of the time.
9. I wish I could dance more, I just need the guidance

8 ways to win my heart

1.Share chocolate with me
2. Be spontaneous. "Let's go to Paris!" "Okay!!!"
3. Hard-working/independent
4. Smile
5. Low on conflict/drama
6. Get my back, especially if I've got yours
7. Make me laugh
8. Patience, I'm slow to open up

7 things that cross your mind a lot

1.FUCK! Homework!
2. Downtown Los Angeles
4. I love him. TOO MUCH!
5. ^^^ he's my motivation to get my ass graduated and relocated and working. I almost failed, he saved me haha.
6. I miss him.
7. Bed.

6 things you do before you fall asleep

1. Think about homework
2. Call/Skype Killer
3. Pretend he's there
4. Make sure my necklace is there
5. Check my alarm
6. Pick something wonderful to try to dream about

5 things you notice in the opposite sex

1.Smile! No mean muggin'
2.Whether or not he's gangster haha
3.If he opens the door for women
4. Their drive/motivation to get things done
5. Eyes

4 things you wish you never did

1. Got on that plane from SNA to SFO
2. Moved back to SF from LA
3. Called my Mom a bitch (just once)
4. Eh, that's it

3 songs to describe your life

1. Mother We Just Can't Get Enough
2. Move on Up
3. Gumption

2 things you want to do before you die

1. Know my quality
2. Have a strawberry daquiri

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