Bored. Major.

I'm taking a short break from my boring data entry job. I've been sitting in the old principal's office BY MYSELF since 8:30am. It's been my Tuesday/Thursday/Friday routine. This room. Alone, with NO human interaction. So I've taken to talking to my blog. How sad.

I've applied to Express for a second job. I'm unsure of what will happen to my position here once this current project with the district is complete so I needed a back-up plan. I really want to work for Express Mens. I wonder if there's even any openings. Tonight I'm going to apply to Mens Wearhouse where a resume is needed. I really want to get into suits/tailoring/fit. So yea. But most importantly, I'm a near graduate of Fashion School and I have no retail sales experience whatsoever! Noone will hire me! I don't know why!

I intentionally bought Dave Chappelle's Block Party for Nikko, not anticipating that I would LOVE the film so much! I think I'll by another one. Haha. The music is great, the dialogue, the comedy. Michel Gondry did a wonderful job making the film feel so homey, realistic, and comfortable. To me it felt like going to Pennsylvannia to visit my dad's old hometown.

I'm totally on James Morrisson's jock as of now. He's my new John Mayer without the "uncool" girlfriend and profile on PerezHilton.com

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