Two More Weeks!

I just had half a glass of cheap Riesling; after finishing, I realized that I nonchalantly grabbed the bottle from the fridge, poured myself a glass, enjoyed it...all while being 2.5 weeks away from the age of 21...OOPS. I also have 1.5 hrs left of battery life on my laptop so here goes.

So, as...2 of you may have heard, I was laid off from work. It was a strange experience because my feelings were all sorts of jumbled up. In order I was mostly mad, relieved, didn'tgiveafuck and sad. Our new project manager came into the office 2 Wednesdays ago, introduced himself, and talked to us 1-on-1. Notes of the things he said to me and my nonverbal, italicized rebuttals:

-It's not about you and your work; your work is great.
-How would you know, you don't even know how the studio works and you don't know anything about fashion. You're Indian and wearing jeans with studded cowboy boots.

-We just have to cut back on our budget just as the company we're doing this project with is cutting back.
-What about the _ _ million dollars that was invested in our company? What about the contract that company signed with ours to do that project?

-We also took seniority into account when it came to who to let go.
-You stupid bitch, I've been here the longest (out of the people that have the same job position). I've probably been here longer than you, AND I know I do the BEST work out of everyone.

I didn't cry, which is good. I have turned into an emotional wreck on many occasions and I also cry when I'm extremely angry with authority but there was definitely no crying this time. I really hated getting laid off by a complete stranger, but at the same time, I knew I wanted to leave...just 2 paychecks later. I know for a fact I was laid off because I MENTIONED I was planning to move to LA in August. On the other hand, I really wanted to quit first instead of getting laid off because I NEVER get to settle things, I usually become lazy, passive, or I just let others walk all over me.

Anyways, I left the ex-workplace right after the bomb was dropped, didn't really say goodbye to anyone...my supervisor looked at me with a sadface and mouthed "sorry..." then turned back to her computer.

LISTEN TO THIS: Work people are not your friends. They're just work people.

I drove back to my mom's work, ordered a Turkey Bacon Avocado on sourdough with a root beer and fries, bought a suitcase from TJMaxx, then got picked up by my boyfriend and his stepdad and headed to Roseville. I had a lovely post-layoff weekend in Roseville. Got 2 Droid X's, watched the midnight showing of Inception, went to the state fair...really lovely.

Saturday night we drove back to Union City and I told my mom I was planning to go down to LA with Max to look at apartments. And at this very moment, the night 8 months after I tell her I'm planning on moving into an apartment with my boyfriend, she says no. So we talk. And I cry, because she says lots of stupid, irrational things and I want to scream stupid, irrational, MEAN things but I can't. Max did quite a bit of speaking for me which was much appreciated and endearing, but I was sorta proud for the things I said on my part. It basically came down to a few things; Mom's points and me and Max's responses in italic:

1.) Thai/Asian society: A girl shouldn't live with a boy unless they're married.
Thai/Asian society doesn't need to know. If they find out it's only because you (Mom) tell them. Also, it's best for couples to live together before they decide to get married because then you know you're domestically compatible.

2.) If you move out, you won't be covered in our health insurance.
I didn't have the facts up from, but through CalHealth.net I could be covered for $80-$150 a month plus there are free clinics.

Mostly, my mom was fine with me not having health insurance...as long as I was living with a girl. Me and Max will be taking care of each other. He is my driving force. It's not like I'm going to move to LA for fun; I will find work. In the end, my mom was/is not okay with it...it came down to my dad getting home from work, being a part of the conversation for 30 minutes plus awkward silence, then, "Mom, you just gotta let her go." PS, My dad had recently purchased a motorcycle, an action which my mom has expressed infinite angry disapproval of, so he is on my side even though I didn't know about the bike in the first place!

So, off to LA we go!

I can't believe I spent an entire week in Irvine/Los Angeles. A mix of watching the Avatar series, watching his friends play video games, me playing PC games and getting frustrated, swimming at the pool, looking at apartments, helping Max apply for classes at Pasadena.

We finally got an apartment! We must've looked at 8-10 places and although the place we got isn't perfect, I love it so much and we'll make it perfect.

Also, apparently I have good credit because I got my credit checked for our Droids and the apartment.

Anyways, I caught a flight back to SF and my parents cancelled my car insurance because they thought that me spending this week in LA looking for apartments was me actually moving to LA for good. On the flip side, I got back my job as a subclerk for 2 weeks; they actually want me for an additional month which I can't do. But here's the thing, I'm so thankful to be working for the next 2 weeks because Max is doing training in Utah and this job provides me good income and something to occupy me for 2 weeks. The real thing was that the office had been wanting people for a while and that led me to realize that I had a FAST, bomb ass time in Socal for an entire week!

I wish I could work at the office longer but I want to move to LA so bad. I've been applying for jobs as the come up and only got one follow up so far. I've been selling some of my belongings...my mannequin, for $40, my beach cruiser for $100, my sofa chair for $60. All things I COULD'VE made more money off of...I got soooo many replies. I have a mirror and a reprint of an Emile Bellet work which will be hard to sell, but in Irvine I have an unworn Betsey Johnson dress and the tag said $350. I also have $194 in coins I need to turn in to cash.

Things are moving so fast. Next Friday (8/6) I get my braces off, the following Monday (8/9) I get 2 of my wisdom teeth out and Max officially gets done with training in Utah, and I'm supposed to be heading to LA the Wednesday (8/11) after. On top of that, my last check from my ex-company wasn't even signed so I sent it back, ugh. Then on top of that, working with the school district also means I won't get paid til the end of the month. Events are coming by so fast and my money is moving fast.

I already put down the first month's rent on the apartment, my wisdom teeth extraction will be financed with no interest for 6 months, I have to pay for our first month's bill on the Droids which is due the same day as the next check for the apartment. Then, on Monday, August 16th, AKA MY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!! We're flying to New Orleans. I already paid for the hotel a month ago so it's happening. For real. Even if it means skipping breakfast, eating a cheap lunch and a non-extravagant dinner and no shopping involved, IT IS HAPPENING. Yes, I'm financially fucked after August...not really, but I want to have fun.

Since April when Max left for his first training, life has been pretty sucky. Both of us have been working up to this point, getting the phones and the apartment and finally being together. I really want this last hoorah in New Orleans before I officially start my career. I also hope my face isn't too swollen when I go to New Orleans. Lots of meds and icing for the pain and massaging my cheeks to move the blood.

Oh God! And then! I'm going to Europe with my friend for 10 days!!! The trip is paid for but I have to pay for her plane ticket which hopefully doesn't go over $500. That means I'll be sitting in economy with her. Haha.

I hope my money lasts!

I will have to be super stiff with my money, but I imagine that a lot of college/high school grads that have gone world traveling did so on far less money than what I have. Let's hope so! Wish me luck please!

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